Yo!Kart Installation: Multi Vendor Store With Affordable Pricing

Do you need you a startup e-commerce a platform that brings third-party vendors to come and ask you to display their products on your website?

Yo!Kart has all of that and more yet with the most affordable prices among many other e-commerce websites. Yo!Kart makes your job even easier, all you have to do is regular website maintenance.  This-multi vendor platform is a trustworthy place to begin.

3 Basic Yo!Kart Startup Plans

These are the basic 3 startup packages and you can request a free demo from HERE as well

1- Go Quick

This self-hosted YoKart plan provides you with options to handle your multistore’s design in the most effective way with a price of only $999.

2- Go Custom Lite

Also, a self-hosted plan which means you host the marketplace on your own servers. This plan comes with e-commerce features built in the partially customizable design. This plan is best suites businesses in their growing phase.

3- Go Custom

This package grants you a full website design from scratch to satisfy larger business objectives.

Yo!Kart Installation Made Easy

 E-commerce Marketplace Is Installed For Free For all The Plans With Yo!kart

  • Configure Basic Settings

It’s about time to start setting up necessary configuration in your e-commerce marketplace. So now after you have finished installing the e-commerce marketplace. These configurations are what will make people able to order goods from your multivendor store.

It is imperative, to begin with setting up necessary settings such as locations and other important info. The subsequent big thing to do is determining the payment gateway.

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As any other multivendor store, it’s strongly advisable to add suppliers at the beginning of your configuration. Each one of the users will get an individual username and password with a  distinct set of features according to their rule whether admin, suppliers, buyers and even affiliates.

  • Add Products Specifications

As an admin of the store, your first assignment after set up should be adding products to your website. This can be easily done in a simple click of a button through the Import/Export feature.

Vendors can complete their product information, as well. They also have the choice for bulk action through the bulk import/export feature or they can do it manually.

Admins and vendors can add their products information through that astounding import/export features, by adding files of several formats like xls, xlsx or open office format, ods.

  • Launch Your Multi-VendorOnlineStore

multi vendor store

After adding products to your online store, it’s now the time to launch your marketplace and to introduce it to the public.

At this point, it’s recommended that you start an advertising campaign to spread the word about the newcomer. Also offering coupons, rewards, gifts, free shipping and other forms of offers will help you establish a base of loyal long-term customers.

Extra options to promote your website may include email marketing and tie-ups strategies.

  • It’s Now Time For Managing Your MarketPlace

After spreading the word a little about your new marketplace, the next thing to do is to care for it and stay in control of it in such an efficient way. YoKart comes with a numerous set of features, that facilitate your and saves you time to be more productive.

Utilizing the YoKart’s report feature, you can track new signups, sales, new affiliates, and update your tax report, and commission rate and much more.

You review any order information, such as referral bonuses, fee status, shipment report, goods returns, and many more useful features.

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Now You Can Watch This Simplified Tutorial on How To Manage Essential Yo!Kart Settings

Yo!Kart Success Stories

Below are some of the major YoKart clients over various sectors;

  • Mode&Seek is a prosperous clothes and accessories Singapore online marketplace, displaying only custom designs, not just brands.
  • Wildrobe a unique Greece online store for fashion

yokart success stories

Why don’t you be one of them and write begin writing your own success story, by Requesting a YoKart Demo


As compared to other multi-vendor e-commerce platforms, Yo!Kart has by far the most traits than other online store builders. It provides sturdy records, and actual time reports to keep track of how your traffic is doing. so all you need to do now is to check Yo!Kart Honest Review, Pros, And Cons All Highlighted in order to make the right decision.

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