Yahoo Small Business Stores Advantages And Disadvantages

Yahoo Stores is a shopping cart solution that grants small company executives and managers a diversity of instruments and peculiarities to assist them to create their online shops. Yahoo Stores is an excellent program for people who want to transform their hobbies into a business or for individuals who are wishing to launch their own brand. With Yahoo’s simple setup, almost anyone can effortlessly build their own stores and begin trading in seconds. This platform is scalable according to your store growth. And can be combined and integrated with other programs and applications. Building a web store with Yahoo Small business is as manageable as building a simple web page, so you’ll have no difficulty attaching pictures, links, or whatever.

Yahoo Small Business Store Top Advantages

Security Traits

All Yahoo Small Business packages provide users with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption certificate. This certificate plays an essential role in encrypting data transferred between your website and the shopper.  And it assures that the customer data and information remains safe and secured. It’s a worthy shield when you’re selling products online.

Superior Uptime

Website uptime is an indispensable web hosting factor. If your site goes down, buyers or clients will be incapable of accessing your shop to display the available products or services. However, with  Yahoo Small business you can lay back and relax, as it’s incredibly stable.  Various 14-day continuous testing has been conducted, and the result was amazing, the Yahoo Small Business Stores have never been down once, not even for one minute. And this if you only could tell is a great advantage. Imagine that one of your potential customers is browsing and selecting products and services he/she will definitely buy, and in a matter of seconds, your site goes down! It’s most definitely that this customer will go buy the stuff he needed from one of the many competitors’ sites that are only a few keystrokes away. And most importantly, he/she would never trust or go back to your site again.

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Prominence And Good Customer Experience

To be in the tough e-commerce industry for this long is not as simple as it may seem. Yahoo should have done a lot of right things to keep it going for this long.  Yahoo is hands on one of the most sophisticated e-commerce platforms out there. To manage a sustainable and successful business, we have to have a domain and good marketing tools. And when you have all the needed elements in one place, now this is convenience.

Free Ads Credit

For the people who are a novice with e-commerce, they will eventually know the effect of marketing on their business growth. That’s why Yahoo offers a free  $100 advertising credit for all new Yahoo Stores upon registration.

The Yahoo Small Business Directory 

It is relevant to see that all shops powered by Yahoo Small Business are placed in the “Shop by Store” directory listing. Nevertheless, who actually look through these store directories anyway. That’s when you need to know that proper store categorization will give you greater chances to be fetched by search engines and getting more organic traffic. And if not, you can consider listing your shop in the Yahoo directory as a good quality backlink which alone is great.

Marketing Apps

Yahoo Stores offer its store owners with a handful of free as well as premium marketing apps. These apps help a lot in promoting your store, improving conversion rates, etc.

Yahoo good SEO

A no-brainer that Yahoo remains a well-established search engine right after Google. They provide the conventional SEO tools, such as many customizable things o the platform like page titles, descriptions, tags, and alt image, will help you rank and get more organic traffic from all search engines out there such as Google, Bing And of course Yahoo.

Yahoo Small Business Store Disadvantages

Unsatisfactory Customer Support Service

Yahoo Small Business mainly gives 24/7 online support service, along with a specially-designed customer supportive database to respond to the FAQs. However, phone man-hours are confined within these times only, from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, from Monday to Friday. If you favor a web hosting service with fully 24/7 telephone assistance, there are several other alternatives, such as HostGator, and Fastcomet.

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Transactions Fees

Yahoo Stores proceeds to levy fees on every single sale transaction your store obtain. Your transaction fee percentage will be determined according to the plan you’ve chosen, it ranges from 0.75% up to 1.50%. At initial look, this may not look like a load of money. However, as your store income grows, you’ll find out that you are paying a significant portion of the revenue, which is not commonly accepted.  And sometimes when you are selling merchandise with only a limited profit margin, you may see yourself losing money.

Confined Payment Gateways

For some weird reason, Yahoo Stores does not go along well with multiple payment gateways. Yahoo only has a limited number of payment alternatives that you can really use.

Final Verdict – Does YaStores Recommend You To Go With Yahoo?

Choosing to go with Yahoo Stores will mainly be concluded according to three determinants: budget, skill and your satisfaction levels. Despite their remarkable shopping cart, building an online shop with Yahoo Small Business is not like walking in the park. Still, if you are ready to learn, own the needed tolerance and desire a shopping cart that is confirmed to really pop among other, then Yahoo it.

On the other hand, if you are worried about transaction fees or believe that those annoying fees will consume your earnings, then keep away from Yahoo Stores and search for another more appropriate shopping cart that does not levy transaction fees. The two shopping carts that are the most similar to Yahoo yet with no transaction fees are Volusion or 3dcart.

Yahoo Small Business delivers easy-to-use, handy site-building tools, and proper client assistance. However, they don’t offer VPS hosting, yet, this will probably going to induce you to invest into a higher proc plan in order to get some features that are normally found for free in any other web hosting account as mentioned before in either HostGator, or Fastcomet.

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To begin a free trial or know more about Yahoo Stores, go straight to Yahoo Stores.


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