WooCommerce Review – Pricing, Pros And Cons All Revealed

WooCommerce is one of the most popular WP plugins that can transform your regular blog into an extremely efficient online store. The WooCommerce plugin is free if for personal or commercial use. So you can install it and start working on them right away.

Woocommerce offer

WooCommerce Pricing Plans

  • Starter Pricing Plan For $13.99/ month
    Web space up to 100 GB only.
  • Plus Pricing Plan For $17.99/ month
    Unlimited Web space for your store.
  • Pro Pricing Plan For $31.99 / month
    With advanced backup options.

These prices don’t include domain names, hosting expenses, email storage,  professional themes, support etc. You’ll have to keep in mind that you may need some extra cash for those expenses and other additional features. Whereas Shopify, for example, has most of these features available for free with no extra costs.

WooCommerce Pros

WooCommerce is a dominant platform, but it can be a little it intimidating at the beginning especially if it’s your first time dealing with e-commerce. There are several features that you need to get used to at first to handle a prosperous store. And if You do so, you’ll end up just loving this platform.

1- WooCommerce is highly customizable

This powerful open-source eCommerce platform comes with a set of plugins with many distinct advantages including easy and free customization.

2- Add as many products as you can handle

You can manage an unlimited number of orders and users and add an unlimited number of products as long as your hosting capabilities can stand the load.

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3- WooCommerce add-ons

Such as checkout Add-ons which enables you to determine the suitable commodities for each group of consumers.  other useful add-ons are free shipping and PayPal add-on.

woocommerce offers

WooCommerce Cons

1- Response rate times, scalability and no. of store products

Hundreds of people around the e-commerce communities are asking about the number of products can a Woocommerce store handle without affecting the website page speed results. The bad news is, that there’s no definite answer, As it depends primarily on your hosting features among other factors.

2- Essential SEO Features

SEO is a non-negotiable feature for any successful blog, stores video or whatever is online these days.  Unfortunately, WooComerce is lacking so many important SEO features such as content doubling, and website and URL layout.

3- Developing, debugging and testing

Because of WordPress restrictions and rules for the certified WP plugins, there might be few limitations concerning the file structure, extension and WooCommerce plugin development.

4-  Compatibility and page speed

Many missing features can be supplemented by another WP plugins such as ACF, WPML, etc. Yet, larger numbers of active plugins will affect your store’s response times.


“With great power, there must also come great responsibility!” This is a typical saying that applies perfectly how you should deal with WooCommerce. It’s a well-established e-commerce platform, no doucts about that. Yet, doucle check pricing plans to ensure that you are getting all the features that you need to run your store without any additional or hidden costs. And because it can give you a very difficult time wihile managing it. Fortunately, If you decided to install the e-commerce platform click HERE for quick and easy installation video tutorials for beginners.

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