WooCommerce Overview With Simplified Video Tutorials

E-Commerce is being used globally and widely, and you may have used some form before, it is also used by a variety of applications including electronic stores, but creating and setting up an online store may seem a difficult task, but with WordPress and its extensions and plugins, it will be a very easy task as there is an important plugin for  the WordPress which is the astounding  WooCommerce Plugin.

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What is WooCommerce?

  • WooCommerce is a safe and stable E-Commerce platform. And it is one of the most popular extensions that helps you to create and manage an e-store based on WordPress.
  • Also, WooCommerceis a free Plugin which you can download it through WordPress on your current site to make your site a complete store.

Basic Features of WooCommerce

  1. It is free: WooCommerce is one of the free platforms that do not make you feel worried about the price
  2. Highly flexible: you can sell different categories of products.
  3. Easy to use: WooCommerce does not make you feel tired when you are trying to install it on your site, but through several clicks and steps you can activate it on your site and make it an entire store (look below to know how to install WooCommerce in details).
  4. Hundreds of extensions: One of the most important features about WooCommerce is it has many free extensions that can enhance the ability of this plugin.

woocommerce offers

How To Install WooCommerce?

We have it both written and in a video form so you can choose what suits you the most.

  • First Step: To use WooCommerce you must install it first through the WordPress control panel. Log in to your site and go to Dashboard> Plugins> Add New
  • Second Step: In the search field, type “WooCommerce” and press Enter
  • Third Step: The extension will probably be the first search result, click “Install Now”
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woocommerce insrallation 1

The extension will be downloaded and installed. After installation, you will have two options, either ” Activate Plugin”, or “Return to Plugin Installer”

  • Fourth Step: Click “Activate Plugin” to open the wizard window, and it is a simple step to help you adjust WooCommerce settings, store settings, tax and shipping settings, payment gateways and many more. The matter will see you whether you want to use the guide or not. To skip these steps, click “Not Right Now”, but we recommend continuing and clicking “Let’s Go” if this is your first time adjusting WooCommerce

  • Fifth Step: After clicking “Not Right Now”, you will have to finish another simple five steps for configuration.

WooCommerce Configuration

1- The first step will be the Page Setup page, which will create 4 pages that WooCommerce needs to run, namely Shop, Cart, Checkout, and My Account. These pages look like normal pages in WordPress. WooCommerce will be created and add shortcodes to make it work as it should. So, click”Skip this step” if you do not want to create these pages, or Continue to let WooCommerce create them.

If it’s getting a little bit too confusing you can skip the written content and watch the next simplified video with illustration.

2- The second step will be the Store Locale window with four fields:

  • In the first field: select the location where your store is located, select the country (and city if any) from the list, or enter the country name with using the keyboard. This option will help you later to adjust your shipping and tax settings.
  • The second field is specific to the currency used by your store, and you’ll find it automatically selected depending on the location. You can change it from the list, or click on the link of “add it later” if the currency is not on the list.
  • The last two fields: select the units you want to use to measure the weight and dimensions of the product. These options will also be automatically determined based on location, but you can change them.
  • After selecting all your options, click “Continue” to continue.
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3- The third step will be the settings of Shipping & Task: If you are shipping physical goods, check the option “Yes, I will be shipping physical goods to customers” and then You will notice 4 fields appear.

  • In the two upper fields: enter the Domestic Shipping cost for each order and /or per item.
  • In the two lower fields: enter the international shipping cost for each order and /or per item.

If you are imposing a sales tax, check the option of “Yes, I will be charging sales tax”, then Two additional options will appear, the First option will be”I will enter prices inclusive of tax” if you are entering a comprehensive tax price, and the second option will be “I will enter prices exclusive of tax” if you are entering non-taxable prices.

After selecting all your options, click “Continue” to continue.

  • The fourth step will be the Payment settings. From this window you can set up a few of the listed payment portals: “PayPal Standards” and “Offline Payments”, and then you will have two options.

  1. If you accept payments via PayPal, enter your PayPal email address in its custom field.
  2. If you’d like to enable payment by traditional methods, click “Cheque Payments” to enable payment by receipts, or “Cash on Delivery” to enable payment on the time of delivering, or “Bank Transfer (BACS)” to enable wire transfer payments.
  • The last Step will be the Ready window, and You will be asked if you want to help in improving WooCommerce? by allowing the website of WooThemes to collect non-sensitive diagnostic data and usage information, and in return you will get a 20% reduction when you buy a template from the website of WooThemes at the next time. So, click “Allow” to allow data to be sent or “No Thanks” for not allowing it. Then you can start creating your first product, or see more resources from the Learn More section.
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WooCommerce Success Stories

WooCommerce is a comprehensive platform for thriving online businesses that need customization. Here are some of the customer success storie from entrepreneurs, agencies, to developers who had had their business growing with WooCommerce;

  • World Wild Fund Store inspired by protecting the environment, this successful online store has made it from a non-profit organization into a retail startup business.
  • Youth For America app initiated by the former Olympic athlete Glen Smith
  • Toosh Natural Grocery is an online supermarket that sells bulk foods with high-quality ingredients for all around Australia.

woocommerce success stories


Here we go after we Knew What is WooCommerce?, the Basic Features of WooCommerce, and How to install WooCommerce?

We reached the end of the article, but there is more to learn about theWooCommerce. Click HERE to a more in-depth investigation about WooCommerce Pros And Cons

And don’t forget to leave a comment to feed us back if you have installed the WooCommerce to your WordPress blog using the above steps, have you found it easy?


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