Wix Online Store Review And FAQs

Over the last few years, Wix has grown to be a remarkable website builder. It is an uncomplicated way to build a website with no need to download any software or have any technical skills. Basically, all you have to do is to register an account, select a template, add your products, adjust a few quick setup configurations, and you are ready to go. As of today, Wix hosts about 110 million websites.

Wix Online Store Review

Wix Online Store Review

Pros Of Wix Store 

  • Good value compared to its affordable prices.
  • The monthly payment option
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Admin Panel is simple and straightforward to use
  • Store customization with the simple drag-and-drop options
  • Amazing store templates
  • Both physical, as well as digital product stores, do really well on Wix
  • Sites are hosted on Wix are extremely secured and they almost never go down
  • Wix technical support team members are actually knowledgeable and can solve almost any issue in a matter of minutes

Cons Of Wix Store

  • Too many customizable options can sometimes be a time-consuming and double-edged feature.
  • For USA shoppers, there’s no automatic calculation for tax rates.
  • With the starter plan, you have to bear with the Wix ads that cannot be removed unless you upgrade your subscription.
  • For larger growing web stores, technical SEO practices can be little more difficult to follow up.
  • No Real Time Shipping for clients from outside the US
  • The marketing tools have many limitations
  • Once you decided to build a store on Wix you are literally stuck with it, and there’s no going back. Themes cannot be changed once you choose them. And You can not transfer and move your website data to another platform.
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Wix Online Store FAQs

Does Wix Have a Free Plan?

Yes, Wix has a free plan. but you are only allowed to use a Wix subdomain (e.g, In addition to that, your website will be automatically displaying Wix ads. If you want to use a custom domain, you’ll have to subscribe in another paid plan on Wix.

You also have to display Wix ads and have limited functionality. To use a custom domain and have full functionality, you have to pay for a premium plan.

Is Wix good For SEO?

Yes. It is indeed, especially when you are running a small store with a limited number of pages and small product collections. Wix websites rank easily as any other website. However, as the size of your store grows, and the number of products increase, it may become difficult to manage the SEO aspects and technicalities of every single page on your website. But the Wix team keeps updating their platform in order to reach with their sites to the top of Google’s rankings.

What Is the Wix Code?

Wix Code is a different method to integrate additional Wix apps and other dynamic pages to your web store.  Wix Code provides with the ability to design a store with more in-depth, business-related, and engaging features.

wix review


YaStores would recommend building your online store with Wix only if you are a beginner who only needs to build a store with a maximum of 30 pages. However,  for larger businesses, you may not even be able to navigate through the complicated site builder in order to manage your store. Maybe Weebly is a more sound alternative for bigger web stores.

Yet, Wix hands on has the largest collection of ready-to-use templates among all other e-commerce store builders. It is unquestionably awesome in so many ways with the website speed that is impressive along with pricing, security, and the great set of offered features.

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Our final advice will be to first find out more about this amazing e-commerce solution, then you may go with the free plan fires to try it out and judge with yourself whether it suits you or not


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