Wix eCommerce Pricing, Overview And Setup

To start off with, while YaStores team were reviewing the new updates to the Wix website,  most of us were really impressed by the powerful and stunning visuals they provide as well as how many e-commerce sites on Wix can look so professional and hip at the same time. From tailor-made chairs and other pieces of furniture to intangible and digital products and services, all can be beautifully displayed and sold on Wix e-commerce online store.

Wix Ecommerce Pricing

Wix Ecommerce Pricing

Wix is surely is not the most affordable alternative out there, though the beautiful looks and additional features may be worth the money for some people.

The Combo package is plausibly the most valid choice for non-e-commerce users, while the Business Basic plan is the best if you need to launch an online business and you can upgrade at any time. One nice advantage about Wix e-commerce pricing plans is that you have the option to pay for them on monthly basis as well.

How To Open a Wix e-commerce store?

wix store setup

It’s always better to begin with the minimum Wix subscription plan. You won’t have to download any software programs to your device. The entire process can be managed straight from your browser. Therefore no technical skills are required to run or set up a Wix store. However, YaStores will guide you through the basics and you can also watch this video for a quick look on how to start your Wix store:

Wix E-commerce Video Tutorial


All you have to do when setting your Wix store is to take advantage of the points of strength of the platform and try picking some eye-catching theme for your storefront. Then you just have to add some products to be displayed. After adding products, adjust tax and shipping rates.

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Wix eCommerce Features

wix ecomerce store features

  • Wix E-commerce has gorgeous Templates and Additional Design Options
  • Managing The Wix E-commerce Store Inventory is Fairly Easy
  • Wix E-commerce Store SEO and Marketing Tools Are Really Sturdy
  • It’s Has A User-Friendly Interface Especially After The Latest Updates.
  •  They Provide Maximum Security To All Users And All Plans Include a 256-bit SSL encrypted Certificate.
  • Wix E-commerce High-Quality  Customer Support Services
  • Wix eCommerce Store Payment Options

Your store customers can either pay via credit card, PayPal or money transfer. Wix doesn’t impose any extra transaction charges like many online shop builders.

  • The Wix’s App Market

It has extra apps that can empower your e-commerce store even more with so many additional and valuable features such as live chat, Member Login App, the call button, etc

Wix Success Stories

Wix eCommerce Store Are Best For …

  • Business owners who depend on the allurement and good store looks to showcase their businesses such as; photographers, designers, architects, jewelry sellers or makers, musicians, clothes sellers, etc.
  • people who like to customize their website to their own specific personal preferences.

To cut it short, Wix basically targets small to medium store owners, so if you prefer other tech-savvy and feature-rich e-platform, you may like to check for other suitable e-commerce solutions. Or you may take a more of thorough look over the Pros And Cons Of The Wix Stores


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