Weebly Starter Guide, Pricing & Video Tutorial

Users can now use the free platform “Weebly“, which allows the user to easily create a website without having to have expertise in the field of web design. Often a user needs to create a simple website, blog, or even an e-store, but the problem of not knowing how to create the site or the steps needed for that process might prevent it.

Weebly is one of the best and most comprehensive platforms. This platform helps in managing the content until the end. The famous Weebly site hosts millions of free and paid sites today and all over the world.weebly3

Basic Features of Weebly

  • Easy and simple view of statistics.
  • It can be linked to Google AdSense to earn money.
  • Insertion formulas are used for site design.
  • Up to 19 pages of free design and an unlimited number of paid designs.
  • Can insert Html and CSS.
  • A special 404 page can be designed.
  • Any format or design can be used as Html, and you can upgrade your site to .com or .org or others cheaply.
  • If you invite anyone and accept the invitation and this one published his/her site, you will earn $ 10.

Pricing Plans of Weebly

weebly pricing

The plans startat$7.95 per month. This price includes the costs of hosting. The prices include up to $7.95 for more pages and the storage that you use.

How to Build a Weebly E-Commerce Website -Video Tutorial

How to Set Up A Weebly Website

1- Open the browser and write this address ““, then the following window appears

weebly set up

2- Now, as in all the sites you enter for the first time, you are required to register by entering your “full name”, “email” and “password” that you will use for future entry and as always, the password should not be easy to guess and not the same for email or any other electronic account, then click on get started to start working on our new account.

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weebly set up

3- After clicking on “get started” this window will appear to start creating your site.

weebly set up

4- Click Add site to see the following window

weebly set up

5-We choose the type of site and click on the appropriate type to see the following window:

6- Choose the appropriate design and click “choose” to see the following window:

7- We write the right name for our site and click on “continue” to see the following window:

8- Click on “Build my site” to see the following window:

9- Click on “Publish” that is the orange button in the upper right corner, or to add an image, we will drag and drop the image button to see the following window:

10- Click on “Upload a photo from your computer” to choose your photo from your PC, then click on “Publish” that is the orange button in the upper right corner to see the following window.

11- Choose the type of public and private site and click on (continue) to see the following window

12- Write the CAPTCHA then click on “ok, publish my site” to see the following window

13- Click on the button of (×) and go to open a new browser window and write the name of the site in the address bar to see how it looks and make sure there are no errors in the texts or places to appear a window similar to the following window

14- Here you created your site successfully, and you can add new pages from the tab (design) and make any setting you want from the tab of “setting”

Weebly Success Stories

Check out some of Weebly success stories that will get you motivated as these real persons have created their own thriving businesses;

  •  Merchant Method was launched by Christine is a retail business consultant and also the mother of two kids to promote her book and spread awareness then turned into a thriving business with Weebly.
  • Adirondack in a Box selling chairs with fresh cedar chips in its box to mesmerize you with the majestic scent.
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Tou too can be one of the Weebly Successful Reatailers as weel join now.weebly free trial


The site or the platform of Weebly offers great opportunities and it is very easy to use, and it is best to leave the user fun to explore its many advantages.


If you try Weekly tell us about the advantages, and hoe did you find it we will be very happy with your comments.


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