Weebly Guild Pros And Cons

Web design platforms have become a convenient alternative for individuals and small businesses. They help them to create their websites smoothly and easily. But the question is who is the best and the most suitable platform? In this article, we will provide very important one that is Weebly Platform.


What is Weebly Platform?

Weebly Platform is an electronic platform that provides users with many designs to create and modify websites using a tool of a page builder.

Pros of Weebly Platform

YaStores has covered a few features in the lines above, but let’s get a little deeper to see exactly what you’re getting when you choose Weebly.

  • Free plan

The free Weebly plan contains the drag-and-drop page builder, free hosting, and unlimited pages, although it is one of the easiest website builders, you do not receive your own domain name, which is often crucial to take seriously in the e-commerce world.weebly2

However, it is surprising that the free plan comes with some e-commerce support, allowing up to five products, 3% transaction fees and a shopping cart passing through the third-party Weebly website.

  • Digital goods

This is a nice touch from the Weebly team as any client can download anything from music files to e-books and automatically. And It helps you to send an email with a download link to your customers when they bought from your store.

  • Blogging support

Blogging is a big part of improving your SEO and interacting with your customers, and the full support for the blog comes with your purchase of the Weebly platform. The ease of use is fairly simple, but Weebly still enjoys systems like WordPress and Shopify because it provides useful components and applications to improve the blogging experience.

  • Products Management

you can check to see how many items are in your store. If the product is not available, your store immediately indicates to your customers that this is the case.

  • Shipping Calculator and Taxes

You can set the prices based on the price or weight of the product, and show your customers how much they pay for shipping and taxes without having to make the calculation yourself.

  • Zapals

This feature has many options for discounts including discounts based on the dollar-based list. And you can select the products for sale or the products that are available for use with coupons and change them when needed.

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  • Ready-made templates

Weebly Platform provides dozens of ready-made templates that are available with a tool for direct page construction.

You can find a lot of many other features according to the plan you will choose. Check here for different pricing plans and set up

Cons of Weebly Platform

Of course, Weebly is one of the best e-commerce platforms, but also there is nothing in this world that don’t have a few drawbacks but don’t worry the cons of Weebly Platform are minor ones.

  • You cannot hire a programmer or designer to add options to your site.
  • Weebly Platform takes a 3% commission on every sale made on the site, so to get rid of this increase you must buy a paid plan.

Weebly Video Review: Pros and Cons of the Website Builder

Weebly Best Suits…

Weebly Platform is an electronic platform very suitable for beginners because it contains a lot of ready-made well-designed templates which can make you start to create your site easily and without prior experience in the field.

So, if you have tried Weebly Platform, tell us how did you find it? Did you enjoy with the pros? Or are there a lit of cons? We will be very happy with your comments.

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