Vultr Cloud Hosting Review

Searching for a global straightforward, user-friendly and affordable hosting solution? What if you know that Vultr actually comes with warp-10 swift SSD VPS cloud servers with 100% KVM interface virtualization! Then how about reading our Vultr Cloud Hosting Review to figure out if they’re a sound and good call for your needs!

Vultr Overview

Vultr is a high-performance SSD cloud service provider that strives to build the most trustworthy and cost-effective hosting service for developers from all over the world. They accomplish their goal by delivering a standardized platform for all clients.

With more than 15 years of background in the hosting market, they are one of the most esteemed cloud hosting names.

What distinguishes Vultr, is its attention to compliant alternatives at more economical prices. These alternatives are tempting to even small-scale customers including sole entrepreneurs and modest businesses.


Currently, Vultr provides 3 distinct sorts of hosting alternatives:

  • Cloud Computer (VC2)

Cloud Computer (VC2) is a cloud-based hosting solution which does not need long-term involvement. With this solution, you can instantly deploy your website from 16 different server locations.

Cloud Compute 2 is an excellent choice for those who want to start off with a superior hosting plan.

  • Bare Metal Simplified

If your applications and websites require exclusive access to large amounts of data, Vultr provides the Bare Metal Simplified solution. It’s much like a customizable dedicated server, that is fairly easy for even the novice users to get them up and running effortlessly. Not mentioning that all users are free to require supplementary hosting resources to be added to their original plan within minutes.

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some may consider this as the mightiest Vultr hosting plan for the ones who don’t want to waste all of their time on system management.

  • Dedicated Instances

Another dedicated hosting solution is the Bare Metal Simplified plan, Vultr provides users with their own Dedicated Resources, where they are free to rent portions/all of their dedicated server.

 This is like the medium-sized hosting option in between the modest Cloud Compute and the extra-large Bare Metal Simplified.

  • Block Storage

The Vultr Block Storage is not a web hosting solution, it’s rather a storage solution that is multiplied 3 times to guarantee that your data is saved assuredly and you won’t lose any.

clients who manage a whole lot amounts of data such as transaction reports, photos, documents, etc and who need a secured solution to save such sensitive data, should think about the Vultr Block Storage

If reading about the preceding highlights didn’t intrigue you, then maybe trying them out for free will. Vultr is giving its fresh clients a mind-blowing $50 free trial credit.

Get 50$ Now

Vultr Cloud Hosting Pros

  • Vultr is providing 8 public servers and 4 dedicated servers for distinctive hosting solutions at very modest costs. The Vultr cloud hosting is actually a good value for the money.
  • Also, the almost-instant account activation is another good feature. Your server can literally be up and running in 60 seconds.

Vultr Cloud Hosting Cons

    • Just like any other server, there are some minor setbacks. Those include that fees are collected on the 1st of each month, however, the value for money is exceptional.
    • Another drawback reported by many developers is the issue of blocked SMTP. But, this can be amended by reaching the customer support team.

At The End

The minds behind Vultr are the minds behind both Choopla and as well. They have more than 15 years of background in the profession, and they are one of the most patronized names in the field.

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Try Out Vultr, the 100% SSD Cloud Plans Available With 16 Servers Around The World.


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