VTEX Introduction + A Simple Video Tutorial

What is VTEX?

VTEX platform is one of the best, most famous, and most powerful e-commerce platforms. It is also unique because it uses the infrastructure as a commercial service that provides the tenants with the flexible requirements that suit with the market changes and the demands of customers in our time.

What Makes VTEX A Successful E-commerce Platform?

You can invest in VTEX platform with a safe heart because of the company of VTEX has a history of honor with the largest companies such as Coca-Cola, Pandora, Whirlpool, Lego, Walmart, and Danone. VTEX also has a vast and international experience as it has been in the market since 2000 and treated with more than eight hundred retailers who have more than plus two thousand online stores in more than seventeen countries all over the world.

VTEX platform is a very suitable platform for all types of Investors, let us see.

The feature that distinguishes the VTEX platform from other platforms is that the VTEX platform can help the market to get rid of the uncontrolled investment which will achieve the benefit for all. It is also a secondary currency market, which means that VTEX will buy the currencies from the ICOs with its own funds, after the maximum scrutiny, and then it will sell them to the users on its platform. But every type of investors can benefit from VTEX in a different way because:

  • For new investors:

VTEX will be more of an easy-to-use platform than any other in the market. It will give them peace of mind by investing in currencies that have been evaluated and acquired by a team of experts with deep knowledge of private shares related to the investment, and this by using the principles borrowed from the traditional investment and those developed in the demo trading. They will also benefit from a transparent analysis and the ease of reading the information of the digital currency which is available on the platform.

  • For experienced investors:

The VTEX platform will relieve them from having to undergo to know the procedures of the customers on every investment by following these procedures only once on the VTEX platform. They will also be able to see familiar information about the ICO processes to invest in a familiar language for them. VTEX will provide currencies in its platform with systems that will enable the institutional investors to invest in conventional investment.

  • For all investors:

The VTEX platform will provide unique features. It will provide the ability to access the exclusive ICOs process that will be provided only through the VTEX platform. In addition to access, the ICOs process through buying the digital currency _that is related to the supporting process_by the VTEX platform and provide them at reduced prices in the platform before being registered on the trading platforms.

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For further details and reviews of the VTEX pros and cons click HERE

VTEX Simple Configuration Video Tutorial

VTEX Success Stories

Sony is probably the most popular among all VTEX customers of course. After launching their VTEX powered online marketplace, conversion rates were immediately increased because of the VTEX business model that enables business owners and traders to concentrate on their effort on improving the business.

vtex success stories

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One of the most interesting features of this platform is the design of its used digital currency, which users will buy or sell it. As the currency “VTEX” will allow for establishing an ecosystem system focused on the controlled investment, and this is what the market needs to get rid of the culture of the quick money reap.

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