VTEX Cloud Commerce Platform Pros And Cons

In the world of E-commerce, there are countless platforms that offer investors a place to reap millions. They try to differentiate themselves by offering additional privacy and security features, a hybrid (centralized and decentralized) trading platform, or scrutiny process of their own. However, many services remain the same: the ability to purchase ICOs after passing KYC and receiving some of the information provided by the platform. This is largely due to the democratization of the investment created by these digital currencies. But in fact, many experienced investors are coming to share on them, as the volatility affects both them and new investors alike. And this kind of uncontrolled investment affected negatively but the VTEX platform will eliminate it.

Pros of VTEX

1- Discounts & Promotions:

one of the best features of is that allow its users to set up many promotions on their websites with a big discount, and also make them enter the codes of the coupon.

2- Standard Templates:

this platform provides easy design tools and standard templates to allow the website beholder to show the brand of the stores easily.

3- Abandoned Cart Tools:

VTEXplatform offers an important feature that is making the abandoned baskets a place to store the rejected products. For example, if the buyer chooses a particular commodity but he declined to buy it, this commodity is saved in the abandoned baskets to remind the shopper or buyer that he has an item in the abandoned basket.

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4- Order Management:

VTEX platform contains some tools which enable the administrators to manage the demanded orders to ensure that all the requests of the customers are processed correctly and on time.

5- Admin Access Rights:

Every platform in the world of the E-commerce provides some rights to its users, and VTEX platform allows the user to control on the rights of the edition in terms of the geography, product category, and so on.

6- Reporting & Analytics:

VTEX Provides the standard capability and the customized reporting to meet the requirements of the business.

7- Internationalization:

this platform “VTEX ” provides some features that attract shoppers from all over the world as it enables products in multi-currencies, multi taxation, and in multi-languages.

8- Testing the products:

the administrators in VTEX can test the changes in the commodities, the workflows, and the store design.

9- Marketing by phones:

VTEX platform provides a good feature that helps the shoppers to shop for the commodities easily by using their mobile phones.

10- Providing Security:

every administrator worries about exposing his store or website to the theft or hacking, but VTEX platform provides the certifications and tools that protect the store or the website from stealing or hacking.

11- Customer Service:

VTEX platform provides a good feature that helps the store owner to communicate with the customer by phone calls, chatting, and so on, in order to take feedbacks about the sold products and evaluate the service.

Cons of VTEX

VTEX Cloud Commerce Platform almost have perfect reviews from the actual software users at all level. However. the only complaint that made it get only 7 out of 10 stars rating in all reviews is that some novice users find the interface a little bit tricky to deal with and reported that it didn’t provide them with a good user experience.

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if you are interested in watching a configuration video tutorial to learn more about this great e-commerce platform and how to install it click HERE

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