Volusion Review Pros And Cons

Volusion is one of the booming e-commerce online store developers that enables you to begin marketing your products with no technical experiences. Volusion supports you to do just concentrate on the selling-related issues without being distracted or lagged from handling technicalities.

With that being clarified, in our review, there are far more advantages as well as disadvantages to Volusion in which we’ll explain in detail in this below. You can skip right to watch the video review if you like.

Volusion Video Review

Pros Of Volusion 

  • A Full Set Of eCommerce Tools

Volusion provides you with a broad collection of tools so you can create a very competent web store. All the tools are covered in all price plans, and the pricier the plan, the more tools you can get. These tools enable you to set up a limitless number of products, get a 24/7 customer and technical support, obtain an additional set of mobile-responsive themes, submit subscription billing to shoppers, social media publishing tools, add a Deal of the Day highlight, Shopper Loyalty Programs, newsletters, and much more.

24/7 Customer Support

Volusion provides multiple ways for getting assistance whenever you demand it. They give help via phone, email, and live chats. You may even schedule a call at any suitable time to speak with one of the customer representatives about the issue you are dealing with.  The Volusion Help Center can also be of a big help, suggesting instructive articles, examples, webinars and video tutorials.

No Transaction Fees

Volusion does charge you a transaction fee for the smaller price plans,  so you can keep all your net income for yourself. However, you’ll still have to pay a fee processing charges.

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Cons Of Volusion 

Bandwidth Limit

Despite Volusion doesn’t levy transaction fees, they actually restrain your bandwidth. So, if you often upload many product pictures to your website, it’ll use up your bandwidth even quicker. What’s frustrating is that not like other e-commerce policies, Volusion restricts your bandwidth by the price plan, and then demands you to pay an extra $7.00/gigabyte of extra used bandwidth.

SSL Certificates

Shopify, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, you name it, an SSL certificate is included in all the pricing plans of these platforms. SSL certificate is an essential part of any website or online store as of today. It guards the secrecy of your shoppers’ information as for when they are entering private data like the store check out point. An unprotected checkout page will lead to online shoppers to leave your website for good. However, you can pay to get your own SSL certificate with Volusion . It costs about $90 – $1,000/year. The primary SSL certificate is only about $89, and it gets pricier as your needs for extra security increases.

Volusion Best Fits…

Volusion is excellent for you if you need to create an e-commerce website, without having the time or the skill to deal with the HTML coding, tool integration or other technical issues. It gives all the necessary tools to assist you to add stocks, sell your products, collect charges from customers, handle inventories, and shipping.


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