Tictail Startup Guide, Configuration & Payment Methods

When you want to create an online store, it takes more than just a simple website and a great product for people, to know who you are and to start talking about you. You need a community that knocks the Internet to get the best new products, while also sharing your online store with others who might find it interesting, but what about those companies that are simply looking to sell online without helping investors who depend on the crowd? Would not it be good to generate your own e-commerce shop on a platform that also includes a group of people looking to discover new and emerging brands and help them grow? All these questions have one answer that is the Tictail platform.

What is the Tictail platform?

The Tictail platform is considered a DIY e-commerce tool which concentrates on the simplicity of use, a strong community integration, and an attractive design without making you need to call an expert in programming.

It is also a relatively new player in the e-commerce platforms world, as since the company started in 2012. The community did not only allow you to create and manage your own online store, but it also hosts 1 million products and 100,000 online stores through the opened networks.

Tictail Startup Guide Video Tutorial

How can you pay on Tictail?

Electronic payment is an integrated system provided by websites or stores in order to facilitate the electronic payment process safely, as the system operates according to a set of rules and laws, which ensure the client or the customer to complete confidentiality, in terms of securing and protecting the procedures of the purchase process. And The payment on the Tictailplatform became easier than ever, the Tictail platform has all ways of payment such as PayPal, Klarna, iDEAL, debit cards, SOFORT, and so on.

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Tictail Payments Methods

The Tictail platform collects all types of payment in one place. And The control panel on the platform has all the payment options that you can get without creating your own account. Let see know more.

  • Credit/debit card

After selecting all the goods and products you want to buy, you can pay its prices before leaving the store by using the Credit/debit cards like VISA, American Express, MasterCard, and so on. 

  • iDEAL

iDEAL is the latest payment services provided by banks, and this process is based on the request of the client, the client transfers a specific amount of money to the store by transferring this amount from the client account to the account of the store. 

  • PayPal

You can pay directly by using your account of PayPal asTictail Payments allows the customers to pay using their PayPal, MasterCard, and VISA.

  • Apple Pay

The customers can shop and pay by using their devices of Apple Pay, this way is used daily on the store in an easy, simple and speed touch.

  • Klarna

Klarna is one of the best ways of payments in the platform, as it allows the clients to pay after delivering their chosen products, and this by using the invoice or installment also you can find an application of Klarna on the App Store. 

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Tictail shipping and tax configuration

Tictail Success Stories

With over 100.000 thriving online businesses using Tictail, it may be a good idea to Try Tictail YourSelf. Below are only examples of brands who managed to fulfill their dreams with Tictail.

  • Rachel Stewart’s is an exquisite online shop full of vividly-printed and carved pins, clothes, and wooden jewelry.
  •  by MUTTI  was actually the first online store on Tictail and still going till today.
  •  BFGF  is an online shop displaying uniquely-patterned, and hand-made woven blankets.
  • ZAAFAR is an NYC-based accessories business with producers in India.

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