Tictail E commerce Platform Pros And Cons

Shopping cart software is now becoming popular than ever.  Yet, there is still a room for newcomers to the e-commerce innovative platform world, so dear YaStores visitors, please welcome Tictail. it’s a free eCommerce online store. The company headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden.

This software was released back in 2012 and it soon became extremely popular with thousands of users ready to create visually attractive and efficient online stores. The foremost goal of the web service is to aid anyone, who has good products, to simply trade it online.

Tictail is a free software enabling users to start their web stores in an active, reliable and powerful way. Signing up for Tictail is very simple. The method is fast and easy as well. Even if you a newbie, you are not going to encounter difficulties.  Just comprehend the step-by-step directions the software gives and you’re ready to control your website and load it with content.

Step-By-Step Directions For Tictail Setting

Pros of Tictail platform

  • Easy to use

Tictail Background is one of the simplest of what we’ve seen, you can lunch your online store easily with several steps like naming your store, selecting a country, connecting social accounts and adding products. Also, there are main tabs are at the top of the page, with options for orders, products, discounts, the app store, and the marketplace.

  • Tictail platform Pricing

Tictail s a completely free platform, with free hosting, unlimited bandwidth offer, and product downloads. Keep in mind that you must continue to pay any transaction fees through options like Stripe, PayPal, and Klarna, but everything else is free. This means that there are no monthly fees or, and no need to worry about paying for obtaining upgrades or early termination.

  • Security of Tictail platform

You do not have to worry about implementing your SSL, where everything is handled through Tictail. This basically means that when working through the dashboard, SSL is always enabled. And your customers will see a badge saying that they work on a secure SSL page, helping you to ensure your customers, and know that your website is professional and safe.

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Cons of Tictail platform

  • An online store with no Blog

It is necessary to have a central place on your platform to collect your customers and clients in particular for an online storefront, but this feature doesn’t exist on Tictail, you only an option to add an outer blog!!

  • Lack of support

When you have a problem or need a help, you can’t go to the “Help Center” as it is a mere list of the most popular questions like the helping icon on FACEBOOK.

  • Clients Checkout Experience

When your customer chose some product but he wants to remove it from his cart, he will have to log out and relog to remove this product, and this process is not free.  That means that your clients will leave your store.

If You Are Interested And Need Some Help Configuring Tictail Setting Just Click HERE


We at YaStores really admire this software. Tictail is not brand-new to the e-commerce market, so it’s uniformity, clarity and affordability just cannot be dropped from trader’s mind.  Tictail is originally directed to innovative experts who are searching for a manageable system to create and sustain a website that will boost their brand popularity. It gives sufficient tools to build a respectable online store for your little business.

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