Shopify Pros And Cons – The Good The Bad And The Ugly

E-commerce has become one of the best ways for marketing and selling all kind of products. that’s why many other rivals try to offer more features in their platforms to keep up with the competition in this fluctuating field of business.

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Still, Shopify remains in the head of other competitors as is the best e-commerce platform for opening an online store. And there are a dozen good reasons behind this massive success of Shopify. Today we’ll discuss some of these advantages as well as some setbacks that most Shopify users complain about.

What Are Some  Good Treats That Shopify Offers

Ease of use

All merchants search for the platforms that save their time, effort and money. and most of the users indeed have found that Shopify is the best platform to fulfill their dreams concerning building n e-commerce business from scratch. the dashboard in Shopify contains all the options that a trader needs for running his/her business quickly and easily.

The multiple facades

Shopify provides the traders with many free themes. they can choose a one that suits their business and their products. most of them are actually very eye-catching and attention-grabbing themes.

Marketing, selling and discounts offers

all business owners are continuously looking for the best ways to increase their sales such as marketing for the products via social media shares and ads, applying SEO practices, and other ways for increasing website traffic. Shopify provides the business owners with all of the marketing tools, as well as discount offers.

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Shopify app store

Shopify has many apps that all to serve their clients conveniences as to help the trader in accounting, reporting, shipping, inventory, and more tools.

Shopify excellent customer support

You can communicate with the support team of Shopify easily through the email, live chat and calling directly through a number designated for each region.

Shopify pricing

Shopify offers a full free trial for fourteen days, after 14 days the pricing will be from 29$ to 299$ monthly, this pricing depends on the features that the traders need.

  • For the transaction fees, Shopify offers a free transaction for some countries.
  • Shopify supports the payment with PayPal and Amazon.
  • Shopify grants you the option to know your monthly fees according to the number of sales you process.

What’s Not So Good About Shopify?

There are some disadvantages concerning Shopify, as we are going to briefly explain it in the next few lines

  • Some extended customizations need an expert figure them out. Some Shopify users have actually reported that they had to hire a professional for understanding the Shopify’s Liquid code.
  • There are some additional fees on the Shopify apps, so it doesn’t come free of charge all the way.
  • The phone customer support services are only available for the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand users. so you can’t receive the high-speed direct kind of help you may expect.  you’ll probably have to wait until the developer reads your message and gives you the solution.
  • Using the AMP feature is unavailable until you pay for installation on your store. Also, most plug-ins do not come for free as well.
  • Only one discount per order is allowed for every client.

If you are interested in a more scaled solution with additional features, you may be intrigued to check Shopify Plus

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