Magneto Guild Introduction And How To Install Guide+Video

Magento is one of the most acknowledged e-commerce platforms now rendering a comprehensive solution for both newcomers and others of more advanced levels in web development. Magneto enables you to create, sustain and mount up your online business. all of this is mainly because of its rich and influential records of developing, extended pro-active society and numerous dynamic websites. Magento merges a comprehensive set of traits to back up all its online stores whether big or small.

A Glimpse Of The Past:

Since 2010 the free Magento release was the most favored platform for starting off an online store. As reported by  Alexa For 3 years in a row 2011, 2012 and 2013, Magento has seen an overwhelming
germination-rate, rising in reputation so as to exceeding than 20% of all online stores listed in the front one million websites.

Magneto Guild Step By Step Beginners Friendly Tutorial

This tutorial will incorporate the installation, customization, and administration of a prosperous online store with one of the most famous e-commerce platforms- Magento. In our simple and beginner friendly tutorial, you will discover almost all the essential details on how to add and set up your products, freight and shipment processes, control coupons and other advertisings tools, and much more.

You directly skip to our Video tutorial, as you’ll find the same written content yet in a video form

But Keep in Mind That Today We Are Only going To Discuss Magneto Installation And There Will Be A Sequence Of Other Articles About:

  • How to Manage the Pages in Your Magento Website
  • How to Add New Products and Attributes in Magento
  • How to Enable a Payment Method in Magento
  • How to Manage Shipping Methods in Magento

Easiest Way To Install Magneto

The Softaculous auto installer will pretty much save you much time and trouble by letting you install a Magento application just in a couple of minutes.

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1- You’ll first need to access your cPanel account. Then search for the Autoinstallers segment to locate the Softaculous tool.

2- Simply click on the icon of Softaculous, it will take you to the auto installer’s page.

On the left part of your installer’s homepage, look for the categories menu

Click on the E-commerce section to enlarge it. And click on the Magento icon.

3- This will lead you to the installation page for magneto.  you’ll now see further details about Magento, and its available features. Continue to the installation screen by clicking the blue button.

4- This is by far the most significant step, as you now are going to configure your new Magento application. However, most fields are filled automatically.

These following fields are the only ones you may need to change:

  • Admin Username: The username must be different than admin.
  • Admin Password: This is an automatically- generated password. it’s sometimes advisable that you change it to a password you can remember later on.
  • Admin Email:  Fill this field in with your current email address. it’s essential for confirming your account and other administrative emails will be sent to it.
  • First Name and Last Name:  Type in your actual name only if you are comfortable to do so.

5- Lastly, scroll down and click on the Install button.

And you’re good to go! Your installation for Magento application will be completed in just a few minutes. After which, you will later be redirected to a new page with the information of the finished installation. You” be able now to login and start configuring your Magento-powered website.

You may now take a few minutes to go right ahead to the Magento website and have a quick peek throughout the website. There are many interesting stuff to check out, such as success stories, information about the society, and intensive tutorials. Most of it is transcribed for web developers, so don’t bother reading if it’s too many details for your level of expertise.

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Magento Success Stories

Thousands of brands online stores that are successful and famous are powered by Magento, Check all of the popular Magento customers And don’t hesitate anymore to Get A Free Demo to see for your self.

magento success stories

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