LemonStand Reviews, Pros And Cons

LemonStand is definitely one of the big names that exist today in the world of E-commerce. However, it is always possible that you may be looking for information about this platform for reasons for your individual needs and /or preferences. To help you with this, you will find in this article rich information about this platform “LemonStand ” with a brief review of its pros and cons.


Pros of LemonStand

  • Transaction fees

One of the most unique features is that LemonStand does not take any transaction fees from stores. Sure, you must pay some fees to process your credit card, but this will help you at least save a little money during your journey in e-commerce, especially if your store has a lot of orders.

  • Ease of use

LemonStand uses local programs and backgrounds. At first, there were some people thought that these local backgrounds made the store receive a bad profit, but the new drag system has no difficulties of use, and it takes no more than five minutes to access the online store dashboard and control over the front page.

  • Payments

Setting up payments for LemonStandis fairly simple and you can see all the details you need before you even start to pay for the LemonStand account. LemonStandhas added support to many payment gateways over the years. Currently, LemonStandis supporting from 95 to 100 massive gateways in many countries, and offer advanced features like recurring billing for all support gateways.

  • Security

Not all of the above is separate from how to maintain the security of your site. The company keeps copies of your files on 36 different web servers around the world and never stores customer data. The company also uses SSL code on every page of your site, not just exit pages. Not to mention that the content delivery network is available to every customer regardless of the plans you choose.

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Cons of LemonStand

  • Pricing

LemonStand pricing

The pricing in LemonStands very expensive as it has +6 levels start from $299.98 and end to $209.98. So, there are a lot of people can bear these costs.

  • Not Suitable for Tiny Shops

  • Less information about security

Although we mention the section of security in the pros of LemonStand, there some traders think that there aren’t a lot of information on the website “LemonStand” about security measures can make them certain.

LemonStand Video Review

Who can use LemonStand

There are many types of users can use LemonStand as an easy and perfect e-commerce platform, they being:

  1. LemonStand is an e-commerce platform designed for businesses companies that grow at a fast pace.
  2. LemonStand works well for beginners who do not plan to customize their product pages and logo.
  3. LemonStand is the best for those companies that want to have a highly personalized environment with access to all the website’s icons.

In conclusion, we here at YaStores can say that Really LemonStand is one of the best e-commerce platforms, and we recommend it for you in spite of its expensive pricing.

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