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Choosing between e-commerce platforms may be a major challenge for any business leader looking for a new online market. Today’s market offers you many e-commerce platforms. Each platform is better than the other. Well, you want to choose the best platform for your store with the increase of profits and also serve your initial needs and save time, effort, and employment and to reduce the burden of choice, so we specify this article to talk about one of the most important platforms of e-commerce that is LemonStand.

What is LemonStand?


LemonStand has one of the best names in the e-commerce market. The company of LemonStand has a strong platform to go with it. It has released a lot of new updates, so we’ve decided to give you the important information about this platform from our initial review.

Basic Features of LemonStand

  1. There are no transaction fees.
  2. It uses Custom SSL.
  3. There are a lot of pricing plans and every plan of them has different and unlimited products.
  4. It uses marketing and SEO tools.
  5. There is an opened API.

LemonStand Detailed Setup Video Tutorial

LemonStand Pricing levels

LemonStand pricing

LemonStand has more than six levels starts from $209.98 and ends to $299.98, but let us have a closer look at all six levels:

  • The first level costs $299.98
  • The second level costs $269.98
  • The third level costs $254.98
  • The fourth level costs $239.98
  • The fifth level $224.98
  • Up to the sixth level costs $209.98.

Comparison between LemonStand different pricing plans

LemonStand pricing

Comparison of LemonStand pricing plans has become much easier since the company announced its “totally comprehensive” pricing policy. This means that all key features are available in each pricing plan.

For $ 19 per month, you will receive an unlimited number of products and bandwidth, which is rare for start-up plan, unlimited business, domain name leaves, real-time charging rates, unlimited user accounts, normal and Mutual sales, full design, and customize developers code, most importantly any transaction fees. The only limit is the number of requests you can receive per month.

For $ 69 per month, LemonStand Growth plan extends 300 requests per month, including all features. You can still get standard email support. And the Small businesses are the best user to this plan. You may need more advanced analysis or ask someone else’s help on the site to help. Regardless, the growth plan has what you need.

For $ 199 per month, this plan provides you with everything you get in LemonStand Growth, but it also has priority email support (response time of 12 hours) and you will be able to accept 1000 requests per month.

For $ 399 per month, this plan can help you when you want to design a fully customized website. You may need some unique features or just need additional help from experts at LemonStand.

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Obviously, you will only get everything that is provided in the other above plans, but you should contact the company to clarify your specific needs.

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LemonStand Success Stories

Numerous retailers use LemonStand to expand their online business. Here are some of the LemonStand Success stories;

  • FUUD is an easy meal delivery business and simple and fast cooking recipes for busy people.
  • Cinetics┬áis a sophisticated designing and building custom videography equipment, delivered for creating visually-astounding videos.
  • Legend is a full-service marketing agency with over 10 years background in web design, web application, SEO practices, branding, and eCommerce.

Write your own success story. Start your free 14-day trial today!


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