Getting Started With Cloud Cart Pricing And Features

Cloudcart is an astounding U.S. based eCommerce SaaS industry newcomer. It was established back in 2013. Cloudcart possesses an exciting assemblage of characteristics and offers a delightful experience that competes with the out-dated UX of some of its rival platforms. It’s meant to be directed for small businesses as well as largely scaled enterprises.

There are some really prestigious companies who are customers of the Cloudcart platform such as Oriflame, Philips Bulgaria, FiBank, ZORA, MaxSport and many more.

Getting Started With Cloudcart

Cloudcart will help you in every step of the way toward creating an attractive, engaging and profitable online store. With advantages of all the layout and theme choices that will turn your online store into an eye-catcher, yet with the minimum amount of effort. When you build a new web store, Cloudcart will construct placeholders and guidelines for most of the customizable parts of the configuration. So that you get a website that totally reflects your needs and personality. A professional assistance is also available for people with extensive designing requirements. Even more, you can ask the customer support to help you arrange your store and customize all the options to meet your business needs in terms of, responsiveness, design, and compliance with SEO & SEM.

Sign up now with Cloudcartand build your online store with a superior Google-hosting Cloud


Registration only takes a few minutes. And you don’t have to insert any credit card information to get a full 14-day free trial period.

Cloud cart Price Plans

Remember that, all of the mentioned subscription plans have absolutely NO transaction costs. Allowing a nice profit margin for traders. Setting up your store is also a free service provided by the professional support team of Cloudcart.

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However, the lower valued subscriptions are yet confined in terms of the number of merchandises and number of store admins you can assign. And these are drawbacks considering that most rival e-commerce platforms allow you to assign many admins.

Cloud cart basic Features


Cloudcart offers limitless bandwidth, in addition to a specified data storage for each of the different available subscription plan.


They provide an SSL certificate for the original domain hosted on the platform not applicable to any other domain you may buy later. Scanning for new upgrades and updates are automatically scheduled.

Search Engine Optimization

Cloudcart automatically suggests all necessary adjustments to your content, links, photos, and other elements that are important for your site to rank in search engines.

Marketing Tools

You can enhance your store presence on the web using many available marketing tools, such as promos, sales, coupon codes, and abandoned carts restoration.

Customer Tracking

You can monitor your existing customers’ activities, orders, and status using your detailed customer reporting feature.

Payment Methods

You don’t have to install any 3rd party add-ons. Multiple inclusive payment methods at the checkpoint. It supports paying via numerous methods, bank transfer, Paypal, Skrill, Stripe,,,  and cash on delivery. This will suit almost all countries and decrease abandoned cart rates.

Shipping Options

Cloudcart provides many choices for delivery such as DHL, FedEx, USPS, with good integration to real-time tracking for your shipments. Also available tax and insurance calculator for every region in the world.


Cloudcart offers a nice collection of attractive responsive themes. This will probably spare you from the need to hire a professional programmer in order to get you the store looking as you desire it.

Social Media Integration

All Cloudcart subscription plans have Facebook and eBay integration included by default. This will definitely boost your reach humungously.

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Customer Support Services

24/7 professional support via phone, chat, and email.


Who Should be Using CloudCart?

The minimal price subscription plan at CloudCart is only for $39.99 per month. And as mentioned earlier, it’s not significantly distinguished than rivals, yet that’s is affordable almost for everyone. We at YaStore suggest using CloudCart solution for those who are a real novice in the world of web developing.

That’s mainly because it’s a simple and very user-friendly platform to deal with with a straightforward interface. CloudCart is a great step forward, especially with many significant features.


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