FastComet Hosting Review Is It Worth A Shot?

Offering pricing plans that suits everyone, from the small to the woofing e-commerce mega store owners.  Alongside some unique tools and a guarantee of Affordable pricing,  special customization for WordPress, Joomla, and a few more platforms, FastComet deserves serious recognition for its superior performance.

FastComet web hosting service is one of most used in the world. And as a result, it became among the top user-friendly and trustworthy hosting solution in 2018.

There are numerous reasons why we favor this host for shared hosting requirements. We will list all of its Pros as well as its Cons. So, let’s start YaStore’s complete and unbiased FastComet review.

FastComet Hosting Pricing Plans

At the first look, at only $2.95, this looks like one of the best value deals on the web hosting market. Furthermore, free domains included in competitor’s plans usually means that they are free for the first year, but Fastcomet registered domains are free forever. Not mentioning 45-day money-back guarantee. Here are the most popular hosting plans:

fastcomet hosting prices

FastComet Shared Hosting Basic Features

  • cPanel hosting
  • Softaculous quick installer for apps
  • 24/7 support and access to step by step tutorials
  • Drag and drop website builder accommodated with many beautiful and modern templates.
  • Free domain for both Fastcomet registered domains and transferred domains
  • Site transfer
  • Fixed renewal price with no hidden fees
  • Periodic back-ups automated every day and others every week
  • All plans come with an SSL certificate included.
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • unlimited traffic
  • 45-day money back policy

fastcomet hosting review

FastComet WordPress Hosting Basic Features

In addition to getting cloud-based hosting, and previously mentioned shared hosting features, the WordPress-specialized hosting at FastComet comes with:

  • Easy one-click WordPress installation
  • Solid State Drives or SSD, which are far more rapid than HDD drives, boosting your WP site performance 3 times.
  • CDN CloudFlare, that enables you to cache the entire website and operate it from an area that’s nearest to your users
  • Assistance from WordPress masters
  • Automatic virus scan and malware detection and removal
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If you still wondering whether FastComet is the right WordPress host for you or not, FastComet allows a 45-day money back assurance in case you didn’t like their services. So, you don’t have about the money, so why don’t you give it a shot!

fastcomet offer

Fully-Managed Cloud VPS And Dedicated Hosting Basic Features

For others with higher traffic volumes and additional resource-intensive websites, FastComet  has other cloud-based and  VPS dedicated hosting alternatives. Offering four various VPS plans from that you can choose from,every one of them has a different number of CPU cores, different RAM allocation and bandwidth, and different disk space. These hosting solutions come with the following additional features to match site requirements:

  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • Fast scalability
    Free backups, recovery, and snapshots
  • FastComet fully manages your website’s back-end

However, unlike the shared hosting, FastComet’s Cloud VPS and dedicated hosting advantages are not that fascinating. Yet, for moderate prices, they seem to be a decent and respectful choice. Especially if you took into consideration that most tools and features FastCome gives for free are all paid for in sompetitors plans.

fastcomet review


Are There Any Drawbacks For FastComet Hosting?

With such an awesome hosting solution, it was pretty hard to find something that we didn’t actually like. However, we have found some minor issues that we have to mention for honesty purposes as follows:

  • Insignificant Security Incidents

Some rare technical complaints related to site downtime, DDoS attacks, and spam blacklisting. But we have to keep in mind, that there’s no single host on earth that can 100% block spam attacks.

  • Uptime Levels Are Not Declared In The Service Agreement

  • Yes, It’s Cheap, But Not The Cheapest

This is totally justifiable by the number of quality free services provided in all FastComet Pricing Plans.

  • Technical Support Policy

FastComet assures 24/7 support, but they hold the power to either levy additional service charges or end the technical support if the inquiry needs extra time to be discussed. Which is totally vague and unacceptable by many users. One last thing is that live Chat Option For Technical Support isn’t also available as advertised for.

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Do The Advantages and Great Features Overhwigh The Drawbacks?

Reliable, expeditious, and property with numerous impressive features and their competitive advantage of flat renewal prices policy, FastComet is just worth sticking with. 90% of customers reviews all over the web seem to give positive feedback about the company. And what’s really worth appreciating is that the company usually replies to all the negative reviews promising to solve any issues just to please their customers and ensure their loyalty and satisfaction.

So let’s be honest, let alone those few setbacks, with FastComet Host, you’ll get more than what you paid for. This host is one of our favorite hosting solutions, and we at YaStores recommend giving it a shot, and if you didn’t like it you can fully get a refund using their money back guarantee.


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