2018 Ecwid Review, Pros And Cons

Ecwid is a cloud-based software for e-commerce. The Ecwid Facebook app is a shopping cart application on Facebook with more than over 40,000 stores on Facebook, over 175 different countries all over the world, and more than 400,000 monthly active users. It enables users to combine an online store to any website or social media platforms while allowing to manage all these stores from a single control panel.

Ecwid smoothly blends into any web port and POS system, permitting users to be active in the online markets, trade multiple products or services from many online stores.

Ecwid offers

Ecwid Pros

  • Ecwid is very straightforward to use.
  • Ecwid has plenty of possible customization options.
  • A Free Subscription plan is available for new users who want to make sure before putting their money to the risk. Even more,  Ecwid pricing plans are quite inexpensive.
  • Promotions, promotional codes and volume discounts (PS. you’ll need to add an additional extension)
  • Left Cart Renaissance, is a feature that enables you to contact shoppers who had left their cart after picking products from your store. this is a very important marketing feature, that can really boost your sales. However, it’s only available for higher subscription plans.
  • The Mobile Store Application enables you to control your store from your smartphone no matter where you are.
  • Analytical data and Reports are tools on your dashboard, however with the paid Ecwid plan.
  • Plenty of effective SEO Tools to make sure that you customize your meta descriptions and other SEO details of all pages of your web store in order to make it a search engine friendly store. That by terms will drive more organic traffic to your web store
  • Shopper can navigate your store using their native language. As there are  50+ languages for store options layout. In addition to that admin control panel is translated into 20+ languages as well.
If you feel intrigued about it and to give it a try, you can Sign Up for Free

Ecwid Cons

  • Ecwid has excessively tons of features and customization options, that may seem like a bit complicated task for basic users to handle all this configuration and settings. Some users even consider it a waste of time and effort. And they demand a more basic set of features and configurations.
  • As mentioned before, the free Ecwid subscription is truly a rocking option, but the fact that only one not even two themes to the front store layout,  can be a little bit frustrating. Adding just a couple of additional free themes would be such a nice gesture from the company to its loyal fans.
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If you are not confident and want to feel more assured, you may like to know more detailed information about Ecwid Features, Pricing And Beginners Video Tutorial

2018 | Ecwid Review & Comparison vs. Shopify, Volusion, Woocommerce


Although Ecwid is conceivably not typical for quite big businesses, it’s quite appropriate for simpler e-commerce businesses. pricing plans are pretty affordable and the training time for dealing with the platform is short. If you have 10 or fewer products to trade, you can start with an exact-name domain site and start for free. Later, if you’re enjoying it, you evermore can either keep your Starter Site or just upgrade to a higher plan with more features and tools.

Meantime, despite the free Ecwid plan entitles you to add your Ecwid online store into as countless websites as you want. Only be cognizant that when Ecwid states that you are able to add to  “any site” o, they indicate “normal” blogs and websites. However, integrating the Ecwid shopping cart into any social media platforms or marketplaces needs a paid subscription to Ecwid.

Ecwid offer

The foremost concern you’ll probably run into with the free Ecwid plan, is the lacking of available themes, as you are allowed to use one theme only on the free subscription. With no available edits to the  CSS, you can’t scale up or turn your store big.

After all, if you are currently running a successful website with a large audience and just need to start on an online store for selling products, Ecwid is unquestionably worth a chance, particularly when compared to rising from point zero with another new all-in-one eCommerce website.


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