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Ecwid is a compelling and straightforward-to-use commerce solution that lets you trade on your website as well as other platforms such as Facebook and eBay. With more than1 million traders in 175 different countries, Ecwid provides more than 50 global payment methods, real-time freighting tracking, and technical support available in about 45 different tongues.

Ecwid Pricing Plans

Ecwid pricing

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Ecwid Features

Ecwid arrives with an exceptionally comprehensive set of features right out of the box, particularly acknowledging a lot of people simply who can just add Ecwid to an existing site. Additional features are constantly in progress, and are all are affixed to your store admin panel automatically.

Here are some of the fundamental features Ecwid is offering now


  • Free Plan & No Transaction Fees

    Ecwid does not levy any transaction fees. And applying for the free trial is available without submitting credit card information.

  • Install Your Shop Anywhere

    Integrate your online store to various websites, blogs, or even social media platforms. Furthermore, you’ll get to control it all from one panel.

  • Few-Minutes Installation

    Ecwid is instantly combined into your current site in simple steps and only a few minutes.

  • Sell On All Devices

    Ecwid emphasizes the layout responsiveness so as to your online store will always be compiled with different devices.

  • Handling Details

    You don’t have to worry about updates, SSL Certificates, protection, server and hosting arrangements.

  • Integrate Your Stores Into Social Platforms

    Now you can utilize social networks to grow your sales and increase your customer base, yet in the most suitable form by syncing different social media accounts to display your product inventory.

  • Smooth Shopping Experience

    Shopping is now made easier by providing customers with an astounding drag-and-drop feature for adding products to their cart.

  • Straightforward Checkout Point

    Ecwid provides a smooth and fast checkout experience. It gives the clients the choice to build a personal profile or just check out without requesting to add any profiles.

  • Customer Personal List

    Shoppers can save locations in their individual profiles to make it accessible to buy and send orders in the future.

  • Automatically Detects User Language

    Ecwid’s stores are interpreted into 45 languages so that shoppers can navigate through your store comfortably using their mother language.

  • AI Shipping Fees Calculator

    Shipping rates are constantly changing and can differ from one area to another. That’s why Ecwid allows shoppers to check out shipping charges according to their current location, either by using Ip address or GPS.

  • Inventory Info Is Always Up-To-Date

Constantly providing store managers with up-to-date data about their inventory status.Ecwid offers

  • Product Options Customization

Adjust and assort your goods selections and modifications depending on each distinctive features and specification of every product.

  • Selling Digital Products

    You can easily add any digital commodities to your web store as well as physical products.

  • Payments Methods

    Ecwid provides over 40 different payment alternatives, so you can choose what best suits you and your customers.

  • Different Shipping Alternatives

    Different Shipping methods are available, and you can assign different quota to each method according to your store and clients requirements.

  • Create An Mobile App Only For Your Store

    Your clients are able to buy directly via their smartphone devices, with additional high-level features such as Apple Pay.

  • Display your Products On Many Sites

    Allow your online store to be copied on various websites, like on Facebook for example.

  • Checking For Updates

    Nevermore bother to constantly check for software updates. Because of Ecwid is a cloud-based platform, you’ll be notified with any available updates by the time they become accessible.

  • Customizable Layouts

    A customizable CSS layout schemes are accessible in order to ideally resemble your store..

2018 Ecwid Tutorial Video

Ecwid Success Stories

These are only examples of Ecwid prosperous stores, and the list goes on;

  • Pearl Parties is a specialty online store that only sells pearl pieces of jewelry that has grown with Ecwid by 8x only in 6 months period of time.
  • Original Ginger is an award-winning Web Design Agency providing creative solutions to businesses brands, as web and logo design, video creation, etc.
  • Did you know that some of the most famous Hollywood celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Alba has launched Ecwid stores as well!
If you are interested and want to begin trading on your website, you can Sign Up for Free
Or If You Still Have Some Doubts, You May Check Out Ecwid Customer Reviews

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