Namecheap EasyWP WordPress Hosting Review

Looking for a simple way to register, host and manage your WordPress website, but you do not know exactly how to get it from a trusted service provider? Then Namecheap EasyWP WordPress Hosting could be an option for you.

If you did some research (which you should always do before making a final decision), you may have met Namecheap.

Is EasyWP the most simple and cheapest managed WordPress hosting service on the market?

Recognized as an independent registrar of ICANN-accredited domain names founded in 2000, Namecheap is the proud manager of more than one million domain names. But more than that, Namecheap claims to be one of the world’s leading suppliers WordPress managed hosting identified as the easiest and cheapest in the world (we’ll see about it in my EasyWP review below).

Namecheap EasyWP WordPress Hosting

Namecheap EasyWP WordPress Hosting Plans

Namecheap provides a variation of hosting ideas to satisfy the requirements of all website owners, notwithstanding the industry or business size.

Each plan is fitted with robust tools to serve you accomplish your aims, and reliable protection to guard your data and that of guests to your website.

With Namecheap WordPress hosting, you can get web hosting for your WordPress website in a matter of minutes. Named EasyWP, this hosting service gives you exactly what you necessitate to build and manage your WordPress website

In this way, you can focus on more critical tasks such as marketing your brand, building a larger audience, and obtaining sales.

There are currently three managed WordPress hosting plans offered by NameCheap:

  1. EasyWP Starter: This plan comes with 10GB SSN Storage, 50K / month visitors and starts at $ 3.88 / month ($ 1 / year, $ 28.88 renewal after that).
  2. EasyWP Turbo: this plan comes with Storage SSN 50GB, 200K / month visitors starts at $ 7.88 / month ($ 2 / year, $ 68.88 renewal after that).
  3. EasyWP Supersonic: this plan comes with Storage SSN 100GB, visitors 500K / month and starts at $ 11.88 / month ($ 3 / year, renewal of $ 98.88 after that).
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30 days money-back guarantee Works only with domains registered with Namecheap
Great value for managed WordPress hosting Lack of features like CDN integration
The WordPress 1x site installed and ready to use
Intuitive dashboard suitable for beginners
Fast cloud servers and SSD storage
Easy backup and restore

Namecheap EasyWP WordPress Hosting

Drawbacks About The Namecheap EasyWP WordPress Hosting

Although some people may be indifferent, it is important to note that Namecheap does not offer telephone support to its customers. This means that when there is a problem, you can not talk to someone about it, and you are at the mercy of help desk tickets and live chat times. Adding to that, I’m not impressed by the live chat support either.


The WordPress hosting managed by EasyWPs is offered at a great price and is extremely easy to use (I doubt that you can find elsewhere managed WordPress hosting cheaper than that). But it lacks some important hosting features and the need to use a Namecheap domain is a major drawback.

However, with the money-back guarantee, you can feel assured to try this cheap and reliable hosting option without fearing to lose your money. Click on the picture below to give it a shot…

The bottom line is Namecheap is excellent. They have a solid reputation for being prominent in the domain name industry and claim to know what they are doing in the web hosting industry as well.

namecheap hosting review


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