DropShipping Pros And Cons All Explained

Dropshipping is a retail attainment system where online shops don’t store the goods in stock. Alternatively, they purchase the ordered item from another third party supplier then ship it to the store customers, only after the purchase transaction is complete. The major difference between dropshipping and the conventional retail system is that the salesman never actually sees or hold the goods and accordingly doesn’t have an inventory or product stock. They rather buy only what’s needed so they don’t end up struggling to sell any excess goods.


DropShipping Advantages


  • Less Asset Is Needed

Apparently, the significant benefit to Dropshipping is that it’s feasible to start an e-commerce shop without the need to jeopardize a couple thousands of bucks in stacking sufficient products inventory.  With the dropshipping system, you are only going to pay for purchases or already ordered items and even after your customers have paid for it. So you receive your profits before having to pay for anything.

  • Easy to Launch

Managing an e-commerce store becomes a lot easier when you don’t have to handle physical commodities and manage inventories. So drop these off your mind when you dropship:

  • Warehouse Rent
  • Packaging products
  • Shipping orders
  • Inventory Tracking and accountants fees
  • Dealing with returns and inbound orders
  • Having to deal with all of your stock in order to get profits


  • Low-Cost Overhead

No buying goods or handling warehouse facilities. This alone can tremendously decrease the overhead costs for any dropshipping business. You’ll be surprised to know that a lot of prosperous dropshipping businesses are operated from small offices in the owners’ own house.

  • Broad Collections For Product Options

As you don’t need to fill your stock with the same displayed products. You have the freedom to display as many different products on your store. This will definitely add up a lot to your online store quality especially when choosing your goods with care to what your audience and frequent shoppers are interested in and need.

  • Scalability

As most of the real work is delegated to the dropshipping suppliers, not the shop owners, this allows them to expand and prosper yet with the minimum amount of time, money and effort as in the traditional business.

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Dropshipping Disadvantages

  • Low-Profit Margins

Lower profits are the most significant disadvantage to operating store in the extremely competitive dropshipping markets. That’s mainly because of the many advantages mentioned earlier. So the numbers of merchants launching their business increase every day, and they try to reach a larger customer base by lowering their margins. However, you can bypass this y choosing more profitable niches.

  • Inventory Tracking Problems

If you have your own stock of the products you display on your store, you’ll be more assured of how the number of items left in your warehouses. But, in Dropshipping, you don’t actually know for sure how many items left in the supplier’s inventories.

  • Freighting Complications

Shipping different types of products from various suppliers, at different times, from multiple destinations, will most probably lead to difficulties to sync delivery exact time for different items ordered by a single customer.

  • Supplier Failures

Even the most reliable dropshipping suppliers can make errors when it comes to meeting orders. However, the customers will only blame you for such mistakes.

AVOID These Beginner Mistakes When You Start A Dropshipping Business


Nothing in this world is perfect, so as dropshipping. Yet, it’s one of the finest stress-free alternatives to launch a thriving business. As we explained, it has many great benefits alongside some vital drawbacks as well.  All you have to do is to determine your personal strength and weaknesses and decides whether or not you can deal with any expected setbacks in order to build a successful, and valuable dropshipping business.

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