CloudCart Real Customers’ Reviews

Building your first blog can be a little stressful. Looking for means to add an e-commerce functionality to your blog. And searching for a decent web hosting. All of that at affordable prices! Can seem like mission impossible. Finding the proper e-commerce solution that works for your business, budget, and personal needs, with the ability to scale up when your business grows is not, by all means, an easy task.

What if someone has told you that you can do all of this and more only in 30 seconds!

With CloudCart any beginner can build their online e-commerce store. And they will be able to get most of the basic features to prosper and grow steadily at the lowest costs yet with a top-notch support.

CloudCart Customers’ Reviews

We took a broader look at CloudCart to discover that the pricing advantages are not the only thing CloudCart customer praise. Many satisfied customers also are fascinated by the great and attractive collection of themes. In addition to, you get to enjoy some impressive features like high-speed checkout and integration with almost all social media platforms. All of this and the customer support service is one of the most distinguished highlights about this e-commerce solution.

To be honest, we here at YaStore have browsed hundreds of CloudCart customer reviews from all over the web, in order to find what the unsatisfied customers are saying about it. Well, we hardly found any. So, here are all the reviews we got from Real Customers Who Run Their Own Online Stores Using The CloudCart E-commerce Builder.

Cloud Cart Pros

  • Straightforward, user-friendly and simple interface to the platform.
  •  Lower installment fees compared to other customized web shop solutions.
  • The price vs the provided functionalities is a winning deal for sure.
  • Owners of the company seem really dedicated to regularly improving the platform.
  • Web designers team of support are the best when it comes to helping you with any questions or queries.
  • Support team, in general, are all continuously praised and appreciated from almost every customer who has dealt with them at any time 24/7.
  • The admin’s dashboard is so clear requiring absolutely no coding knowledge to manage your store efficiently.
  • Availability of multiple themes. And not any regular ones, yet some really high-quality and engaging ones.
  • The additional group of useful tools and extensions are available for free as well.
  • Marketing promotions such as coupons and discounts will help you grow your business.
  • Transaction fees are ZERO. So the profits are all yours with no deductions.
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CloudCart Cons

  • Extensions documentation could be improved in the future.
  • Multi-language options for the storefront should support more languages.
  • There is no option for editing theme codes.
  • No developer platforms for building more applications and add-ons.
  • No manual option for catalog product ordering.
  • Not all the useful features are multilingual.
  • Subscription rate has been rising over the last few years.


The support team at CloudCart has professionals only. They are extremely helpful. They can customize your web store to meet all your personal preferences or business modules. If you are a larger enterprise with more requirements and additional needs than other smaller store owners CloudCart can be a brilliant choice as well. The cherry on the top for most customers was the affordable yet effective subscription plans. Furthermore, every single element on your web store can be customized to your distinct preferences. Almost everyone can handle such simple and straightforward e-commerce platform. The solution is truly remarkable and it offers a broad array of ready-to-use themes which are simply astonishing.

If you have any questions about CloudCart, or if you’ve worked with CloudCart now or in the past, let us know what you think about this platform by leaving a comment below.

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