Bluehost Hosting Review – Is Bluehost the Right Host for You?

For more than a decade now, Bluehost innovative hosting solutions have been hosting over 2 million satisfied website owners from all around the world. Their superior customer service, straightforward control panel, as well as the free domain offers, are the cherry on the top of their other outstanding hosting features. Even the WordPress team is recommending Bluehost WP hosting for all the websites on the platform.bluehost hosting review

What Distinguish Bluehost Hosting Services?

What really distinguishes Bluehost is that they aren’t only a WordPress marketplace. Furthermore, they provide web solutions for almost everything anyone who works online may ever need from hosting to brand e-commerce applications for the enterprises.

Bluehost Hosting Services  stands out when weighed against other hosts with similar pricing plans.  That’s mainly because Bluehost offers more versatile subscription plans with specific niche-related benefits. However, the only downside of this amazing hosting solution that YaStores has noticed is that the uptime and speeds are is slightly less than other pricier opponents which can be justified and even compensated by the amount of other additional features you can get for such rock-bottom prices.

Most Popular Bluehost Plans

bluehost price plans

Bluehost Hosting Features

The No.1 reason most customer praise about Bluehost is their extraordinary technical support:

Being one of the most affordable hosting companies nowadays, many web business beginners select to go with Bluehost solutions. Which means that a lot of those are probably novice customers who will highly appreciate the great help rendered by the platform. The Bluehost customer service team members are always ready to receive your tiniest inquiries or complaints around the clock.

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Fortunately, Bluehost is there to help expert as well as unfamiliar with word hosting  through the following :

  • A professional technical team to assist all clients.
  • A specialized WordPress support team to solve all WP-related issues.
  • Available 24/7
  • Instant live chat support team for quick replies
  • Phone support service
  • Email support service

Unlike other more expensive hosting solutions, This kind of superior support services is available to all pricing plans even the smallest ones.

blue host

Other Bluehost Hosting Features Are:

  • Free ‘dot com’ domain name
  • 24/7 professional technical customer support team
  • WordPress integration
  • No traffic limits
  • One-month-day money-back guarantee

How Does BlueHost Handle Their Server Downtime Issues?

In case you are running a small business store, downtime can tremendously affect your sales as well as UX. If a customer took the decision to buy certain products from your online shop, and just while he was checking out, the website went down, the customer will definitely go buy the product from your competitor and won’t come back to your inefficient store again. That’s why most e-commerce traders are looking for effective and quick server responses.

Ps: Average Bluehost Uptime over a 6-month period is 99.97% .with rare or zero outages.

And here’show Bluehost deals with such problem:

  • Bluehost Hosting reviews have shown that most issues are fixed in a matter of minutes, max.15 minutes to be exact.
  • Bluehost actually admits that there are some issues can rarely take hours to be fixed, And in case if this happens to a customer and he decided to migrate to another hosting solution, Bluehost won’t charge you for canceling your hosting contract with them. Not only that, but they will additionally give you a pro-rated compensating reimbursement of the remaining portion of your hosting contract period.
  • Before performing any maintenance to the Bluehost servers, The company notifies all customers via e-mails about expected downtimes.
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