BigCommerce Pros And Cons 2018 Honest Review

We here at YaStores realize the importance of making such a huge decision about buying the best Shopping Cart Software. And we know that most people would like to hear the truth an word of mouth from actual users of the platform they wish to buy. That’s why we have compiled a behavior-based thorough review, that collects customer reports, observations and Bigcommerce surveys over a wide area of social media and other review websites. With such data., you’ll be able to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret.

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The Pros of Using BigCommerce

Thoroughgoing end-to-end solution.

Talk about the awesome conversion tools, to the delivery and shipping efficiency, to compliant improvements and discount offers, Bigcommerce gives all the essential capacities required to manage a prosperous business. All of that with moderate pricing plans for fundamental functionality.

Build an elegant online store that converts.

BigCommerce simplifies everything to the extent that creating an engaging and cute looking store can be handled by absolutely no level of experience at all. Your online store isn’t just going look great, it will also be entirely noticeable to guarantee the ultimate profits for your business through the up-to-date traits, features, and best systems for solid search rankings, speedier page load times, greater traffic, and larger conversion rates.

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Numerous high-level e-commerce features.

You get tons of tools at your disposal to create a store, improve your sales, and grow your business. You’ll be able to sell on leading marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, get secure hosting, have unlimited storage and bandwidth, and much more — all with no transaction fees.

Checkout point optimization.

BigCommerce has some of the most impressive checkout configurations. It enables you to have full control over your stock and allows you to keep track of real-time data You can request product shipment with a click of a button from your admin control panel.

Offers an e-commerce analysis.

Progressing your business even further with priceless insights acquired from solid and comprehensive e-commerce analytics. It gets you to learn about your product and the most recent shopper trends which will definitely help you obtain sales as well as keeping track of the store performance at any given time.

Active results & excellent ROI.

BigCommerce is a cloud-based e-commerce solution so, you don’t have to worry about acquiring infrastructure resources. You’ll accomplish all your scheduled marketing and administrative tasks 1/2 faster yet with a price that is 3/4 less than other on-premise solutions.

Manageable & customizable SaaS.

The platform is built on an open architecture that enables you to seamlessly connect with critical business software. Bigcommerce offers one-click integrations, as well as powerful APIs and webhooks to build integration from scratch.

One place for all your sales channels.

BigCommerce allows you to incorporate all features of e-commerce with its Channel Manager where you can explore and compare among different sales channels. It syncs stock data, purchase orders, and inventory over sale channels so you don’t have to deal with various interfaces to sell on various channels.

The Cons of Using BigCommerce

Additional Charges for Thriving Customers

This is has caused a massive confusion among BigCommerce community in late 2015 and the rest of the year to follow 2016. They updated their pricing policies to the existing ones that charge more for stores with profit growth.

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Just take a close look at their official website on the BigCommerce pricing page closely, and try to read their FAQs, as you’ll discover even further details concerning additional fees.

Highly-Priced Themes

Bigcommerce themes are stylish and elegant, but some are also a little bit costly. This may cause the startup plan to cost the customer more than expected. However, there are 7 themes absolutely for free, and other premium ones will cost you an average of  $170 -$195.

No BigCommerce Lite Version

This may not be that big of an issue for most customers, Anyhow, it would be helpful if this platform had a lite release as in  Shopify for instance. No Lite version of BigCommerce means you can never integrate your store with any existing website on other blogging platforms, without the need of technical expertise support.

Theme Editor Needs Further Amendments

BigCommerce integrated theme editor is straightforward to work with once you get the hang of it regardless that  It may seem a little confusing at the beginning. However, adding a drag-and-drop option to the page builder would be of a great help as well.


BigCommerce platform is a great choice for new entrepreneurs and small businesses, however, for larger businesses earning above $125,000 in annual revenue, some other e-commerce platforms may be more suited with your rising business requirements, as you’ll need additional features and specifications that may not be available with BigCommerce.

BigCommerce grants a lot of handy and simple-to-use traits, and you may examine them by yourself for 15 days free of charge trial. Click HERE to get started. PS: Does NOT Require Credit Card!

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