BigCommerce Guild Beginners Guide + A Tutorial Video

What is Big Commerce?

BigCommerce is an Awards & Quality Certificates winner. It is a scalable, paid-for ‘hosted’, all-in-one e-commerce solution. It can be used by all sizes of entrepreneurship to enables business people to start up their online stores in order to sell their desired products online.

BigCommerce,It’s remarkable that many famous brands use the BigCommerce platform such as  Kodak, Paul Mitchell, Toyota, GE, and Camelbak. This trustworthy solution has been the reliable choice for over 55K small e-commerce businesses from around the world.

BigCommerce provides a full set of rich features, solutions, tools, and functionalities for enabling you to manage your online store effectively and efficiently. With a big collection of tailor-made templates can be customized to taste, in order to truly represent each company’s individual brand and distinct signature.

You can display physical commodities as well as digital ones. Moreover, BigCommerce offers many valuable marketing options to engage more interested customers and grow your buyer base. All of the selling transactions with BigCommerce are accompanied by delivery and shipping services. All of this and much more is what really made BigCommerce one of the e-commerce market leaders.

Big Commerce Guild- All You Need to Know

Bigcommerce Pricing Plans

Bigcommerce allows 4 different monthly plans.  A discount of 10% is eligible for the ‘Plus’ and ‘Pro’ plans when paid annually.

  • Standard Plan: $29.95/month

This Pricing Plan suites customer with up to $50K online sales per year

No transaction costs
Unlimited Number of Products
No Storage Limits
No Bandwidth Limits
Multiple Sales Channels
Responsive And Engaging website
Single page checkout
Apple Pay Included
Eligible For Promotions As In coupons, discounts & gift cards
Shipping tag discounts
Real time quotes
Strong reporting tools
Available Blog Options
Product evaluations & reviews
Free of charge sitewide SSL Certificates
HQ shipping engine
24/7 live consumer support services
Discretionary exceptional credit card rates from PayPal

  • Plus Plan: $79.95/month

This Pricing Plan Suits Consumers With up to $150K online sales per year

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All Standard Pricing Plan features and specifications, plus:
Shopper grouping & categorization
Abandoned cart saver

  • Pro Plan: $249.95/ month

 This Pricing Plan Suits Consumers With up to $400K online sales per year

All Plus Pricing Plan features, plus:
Google shopper reviews
Product filters
Custom SSL Certificate

  • Enterprise Plan

Pricing and charges may vary for different enterprises, depending on each business specific needs and requirements.

All Pro pricing plan features, plus:
Custom product filters
Countless API calls
Premium account assistance and services
High-speed routing
Priority customer support
Strategic account control

Overview Of Bigcommerce Guild Advantages

Bigcommerce’s Guild is a suitable choice for mid-market traders of between $1M-$50M. The mobile phone application is a sound choice for ambitious brands of between $50k-$1M. Bigcommerce’s best seller products are Clothes, Foot-Wear, Accessories, Jewelry, Healthcare products, Beauty products, Sportswear & Sports equipment, Home appliances, Gardens, and Electronic gadgets.

BigCommerce is more of a user-friendly platform for both marketers as well as business directors opposed to other open-source platforms such as Magento. And that’s because with BigCommerce user doesn’t need to deal with any code in order to manage their offers or campaigns or for performing some modifications in their business initial configurations.

That’s been said, marketing managers will be able to self-serve very easily, efficiently, and with no need to acquire any additional technical or programming skills.

You may be intrigued to tack a quick peek onto the BigCommerce Official website for further details, if so simply click HERE.

BigCommerce Guild Beginner Video Tutorial

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Big Commerce Success Stories

Thousands of successful online business has mad a break through after migrating to Big Commerce, So why don’t you be one of them and Request Your Free Demo Nowbig commerce success stories

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