Big Cartel Pros, Cons And Video Review

Big Cartel is a cloud-based e-commerce online store builder meant to be for artists and creators.

So, if it’s fashionable clothes, hand-made outfits, a headgear or any other thing made with the passion and talent of the maker, Big Cartel is the right store builder for displaying such original and innovative pieces of arts.

Before you go over the aspects of Getting Started With Big Cartel, Pricing, Features & Video Tutorial, let’s take a second to review what Big Cartel is, what to await from Big Cartel and some of the points of strengths as well as weaknesses of the platform.

Big Cartel’s Pros

If you’re an artist or an inventor, or an innovative maker there are a number of qualities to admire about this one-of-a-kind e-commerce platform. It’s budget-friendly and effortless to install and use, particularly if you don’t consider building a profoundly customized layout design. And, to be fair, if you’re trading just 5-25 products, you simply want a shop that highlights your limited set of products in such an engaging, convenient way.

Here are some great highlights Big Cartel:

  • Directly connects to your Facebook account so as to enable you to display and sell your store products right from your Facebook page
  • CSS and HTML codes are totally customizable.
  • simple yet effective SEO features to drive more organic store visitors.
  •  Stripe or PayPal payment alternatives are available upon shoppers checkouts.
  • premium data encryption in order to ensure more protection for your customers’ information and credit card or financial accounts details.
  • Real-time and updated inventory tracking, available by the default setting on your admin dashboard.

Big Cartel Video Reviews And Tips

Big Cartel’s Pros

Big Cartel’s Cons

  • It’s straightforward to install a basic Big Cartel store, though if you need to absolutely customize the appearance or characteristics of your shop, you’ll have to do a large number of coding modifications. And you may even need the help of a professional programmer to do it.
  • Once you select a product name and permanent link, you can no longer change it anymore.
  • Only a few sets of themes (only 11 by default) to pick from.
  • Customer support services are only reachable through email and only at specific times (from 9 am to 6 pm EST).
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For the majority of artists and makers, none of these deficiencies are exactly recognized as setbacks, considering how innovative and appropriate is that platform is to them.

However, it’s necessary to know what limitations you will need to encounter while you build your Big Cartel store. You won’t get all the traits of a Bigcommerce or Shopify store for example. Still, you are not going to handle the highly priced subscriptions of those platforms, either.

The majority of the Big Cartel most significant features are included for the paid subscribers only. However, with Big Cartel, you may be able to build most of your store basics with no more than  $10+/month.

Sadly, with almost every e-commerce platforms, you sort of receive only what you paid for. So, if your aim is to trade a larger number of products on a highly- customizable web store, apparently Big Cartel isn’t the right platform for your business.

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