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Since 2005, Big Cartel has assisted people from around the globe to market products worth of more than $2.5 billion. It’s absolutely 100% a self-supporting service that mainly directed to artists, inventors, and humble labels to initiate their own distinctive online store. Big Cartel is all about making your living through doing the things you love the most.
Big Cartel is just a closely integrated small team of friends. Their main focus is getting Big Cartel to empower customers in such an easy simple way. Big Cartel team members are either users of the Big Cartel Platform, musicians, artists or even filmmakers. That’s what really distinguishes this magnificent e-commerce platform, which is it’s run by people who actually love what they are doing it. And they are doing it to help other artistic individuals.

bigcartel pricing

Big Cartel Pricing

In case if you’re a novice to trading online or even if you’ve been an online merchant for years, Big Cartel has the right pricing plan that matches your budget and business needs. They have fixed monthly price plans. They never levy transaction fees on your sales. You are free to downgrade, upgrade or even cancel your subscription at any time. Big Cartel also provides an awesome free plan.
big cartel pricing
However, with the paid Big Cartel subscription, you’ll e able to add additional products, accompanied with 5 pictures for each product. A real-time inventory tracking. You can show your items on display or mark them as sold. Another great feature is that for people who don’t want to waste a lot of time in configurations and setting up their store, is that they can set it to default. This option will enable them to add as many products as they may just with a simple tap of a button.

Setting up Big Cartel

It’s Really so simple. So you can either watch this video or read our simplified configuration steps.

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  • Initiating a Big-Cartel-powered-store is as manageable as creating a simple blog. All you have to do is to pick a theme, choose your store name and label, fetch products, and you’re good to go. It will only take a few minutes. More importantly,  if your store just sells 5 products or less, you can operate your store absolutely for free.
  • Simply sign up for a new account, deciding the scope of the store you want. And you can upgrade to higher subscription plans later, so you don’t have to worry. Big Cartel will then provide you with a to-do-list of all the settings you have to do in order to prepare your store to run properly. Just follow the instructions. And then add checkout and payment methods settings.
  • Soon after that, append your products to the store, and mark them as active, hidden, sold out, or coming soon. Then, set up your categories to sort your products according to their price, size, color, etc… Set the shipping charges for each country or set a flat shipping rate for all the countries. Finally, you can add pictures to your products.
  • The only thing left to do is to customize your site layouts. Simply tap on your site’s name in the admin panel, and choose Customize Design. Big Cartel provides up to 11 themes by default. You’ll be able to customize colors and typing options for each one of the themes. Additionally, you may use custom CSS and HTML, to alter the existing theme or in order to combine a specially-coded scheme. You’ll also be able to add more pages such as pages to include info about your brand or a contact us page.
  • Finally, you now can share your store with the rest of the world. All you have to do now to wait for visitors to come in. And when they do, you’ll get to trach all orders and inventory info on your admin panel. You can also know which pages of the store are getting the most traffic.
  • With a paid subscription, you can check what are the exact search phrases that derived the traffic most to your website, who are the referral visitors, and analyze your site’s traffic at each point of time.
  • Big Cartel will send you an email everytime someone buys a product from your store. Moreover, you can send your shoppers a customizable thank-you email after each sale transaction.
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Big Cartel Success Stories

Whether they’re building a side shop or starting a full-time unique online business, there more than a million makers and inventors who successfully managed to boost their e-commerce earnings with Big Cartel stores. Here are a few examples of Big Cartel Success Stories;

  • Roda provides freelance editorial drawing lessons as well as selling distinctive pieces of paintings.
  • The Good Twin selling custom designed notebooks, medal, pins, etc.

big cartel success stories

Do you aspire to be one of these smart artists and open your specialty Big Cartel store now!


And that’s about everything! As soon as you’ve fetched your products, pulled and customized your layout and appended your pages, you’re now geared up to go.

Obviously, you’ll be required to have some additional configurations concerning setting up your payment alternatives with either Stripe or PayPal, connecting to Google Analytics and adding up a custom domain if you are on the paid subscription. However, these are all simple issues of filling in the forms or tapping some buttons.

As you publish your store, remember that this is only the start. But to truly get the maximum out of your e-commerce shop, you’ll be required to do several following tasks such as marketing and SEO optimization.

Are you interested and intrigued to try out  Big Cartel?

Did you have some experiences with this e-commerce platform, and want to tell us about?

Just leave your opinions or reviews in the comments!

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