3DCart Basic Features & Pricing + A Beginner Video Tutorial

3DCart was launched since over 20 years ago back in 1997. The company headquarters is in Tamarac, Florida. 3dcart develops e-commerce platforms for web stores and it is a cloud-based application that utilizes Microsoft .NET 4.5 and several additional technologies, such as AngularJS, Elasticsearch, Lucene and Entity Framework.

The 3dcart software has a user-friendly interface that highlights e-commerce online store managing tools, so as for customers utilize these tools to run their stores effectively and efficiently.  Since the very beginning, 3dcart has been crowd-pleasing. And it even has been used to build some of the famous tech websites like PCMag.

Customers always give excellent feedbacks about the platform and they usually say it’s reliable, straightforward, and simple-to-use.

3dcart offer

Basic 3dcart Features

Here are some of the most impressive features in 3dcart:

  • Straightforward to use and edit.
  • No levied fees on sale transactions.
  • 24/7 technical customer support for free
  • Over 100 layouts to pick from.
  • Themes are optimized on both computers as well as mobile phones.
  • Assimilation with all the following; eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook, and Shopzilla.
  • 3DCart encourage the store customer on upselling and cross-selling.
  • You can enable customer review on the web store.
  •  Stores can e selling digital products.
  • Marketing tools.
  • SEO friendly web store is guaranteed.
  • Help customers in managing their taxes
  • Order control and speedy responses.

3DCart Price Plans

3dcart pricing

  • The Pro Store Plan is a little bit pricey, you won’t need it till your store gets very popular. In general, the Plus Store Plan for $79.00 / month will be more than enough for any beginner. As part of it, you’ll get up to 10,000 products on display at your web store and will be able to manage about 20,000 visits/month which is roughly about 660 visits/day.
  • The economy startup plan is for $19.00 / month. It has a decent set of features, but it just allows you to have about 130 guests to your store every day.
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start store with 3dcart

Products Managing In 3DCart Store

3dcart grants you a sample shop settings and information as you join the free trial. This is actually a great idea in terms that you have something to practice on, enabling that you get used to dealing with the platform before you make the buying decision. During the free trial period, you’ll get to survey those existing products types and examples, or you can add some of your own.

The screen on which appears when adding new products may seem a little bit intimidating at the beginning. It’ll probably take a while in order to figure it out and get a grasp of all the tricks about it.

However, the infrequent difficulty of dealing with the 3dcart  platform is probably because of the powerful set of features it has. It only needs a few adjustments and configurations, after which it’ll become all manageable.

3dcart Success stories

At 3dcart, clients utilize their full potentials to succeed in their eCommerce businesses. There are thousands of 3dcart merchants who blossomed. These are some of the success stories to inspire:

  • Pearls of Joy is a revolutionary jewelry online store, that has broken the 7-figure earnings mark with 3dcart.
  • The Finest Accessories is a chic hair accessories company with a typical entrepreneurship success story that has started from a garage at one average American home into becoming one of the most successful stores of the industry.

3dcart success stories

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3dcart is a hosted online store software, that accommodates e-commerce traders with the necessary tools they must have to create a visually engaging and effective shopping cart. It includes different settings for packages depending on the visitor traffic volumes each month.

3dcart may not be the most proper alternative for those with larger traffic volumes derived into their store. But, it is especially valuable for those looking for a fresh clean and simple start-up plan, that is affordable and functional at the same time.

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