1ShoppingCart Review – Advantages & Disadvantages

1ShoppingCart was founded in 1999. Following that, it has continually served small as well as large enterprises to obtain profit online. Their purpose is to accommodate a variety of automated features while minimizing costs and enhancing efficiency.

Today, 1ShoppinCart host over 30,000 web stores globally. This e-commerce solution combines several advantages when it comes to the marketing tools other than most e-commerce solutions. You’ll experience a completely functional eCommerce and marketing tool all in one place.

What are the biggest advantages of 1ShoppingCart?

One of the prominent advantages of going with 1ShoppingCart is the marketing set of tools integrated to the platform.  It provides an especially sturdy affiliate program. As well as you can comfortably manage subscriptions and email marketing campaigns. This will benefit you to expand your products collections and to easily reach up for potential customers. You will additionally have lots of tracking and reporting data. Assembling data will assist you to benefit from additional income sources and will help you to better recognize the market you are dealing with.

Additional Advantages of 1Shopping Cart

  • An awesome and attractive website layouts, where you can virtually trade almost everything from physical products to intangible services and digital items.
  • An assemblage of robust marketing hallmarks supports you to bring, increase, and extend a loyal customer base.
  • Quick access to your inventories reports and products listing from any of your allowed devices, at any time and from anywhere.
  • Top-notch security features guarantees that all the data within the platform, either yours or your clients’ are all safe and secure.
  • No bandwidth constraints for all packages.
  • Automatic emails responses.
  • This platform allows you to run affiliate custom links and ads banners.
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What are the biggest disadvantages of 1ShoppingCart?

In simple words: it does not come cheap. 1ShoppingCart requires about twice the price as much per month as other e-commerce rivals. It also levies transaction charges that range from .075 up to 1.25% of each transaction. As your store grows, these profit deductions can eat away at an enormous portion of your earnings.

Additional Disadvantages of 1Shopping Cart

  • User interfaces are indeed decent and attractive, yet they may seem a little outdated and needs additional improvements to the design, colors, and layouts.
  • The monthly subscription fees are high-priced
  • You have to pay extra not-included fees just to ask for a live chat conversation with one of the customer service representatives.
  • The support forum is not quite satisfying and doesn’t have most answers customers may need.

Who is 1ShoppingCart best for?

It is an exceptional all-in-one online eCommerce solution. It is intended to accommodate a wholly automated application all in one place. What distinguishes it is the attached marketing tools. If you want to begin an e-commerce business with a sturdy marketing kit all within the same program, then 1ShoppingCart is a valid choice for you. Having said that, it might just need some time until you get familiar with all the tools. Be ready to give some time discovering all the hidden peculiarities of the platform so that you get the most out of it.

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YaStores recommends 1ShoppingCart to traders who need a decent e-commerce package that also includes email marketing tools.  It is employed for providing shopping cart services, email marketing and affiliate marketing. 1ShoppingCart is a robust application with a user-friendly interface for entrepreneurs while will probably need additional features as they expand their business.

Also, take into account that 1ShoppingCart is best suited for small to average companies. Bigger companies will face the problem of the levied transaction fees as it will deduct their overall profits. More stable companies won’t probably need such an extensive set of marketing tools either, which makes 1ShoppingCart a better choice for smaller businesses.


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