1ShoppingCart Pricing, Features & Video Tutorial

What is 1ShoppingCart?

1ShoppingCart is an eCommerce solution that promotes businesses to build their own online shop to facilitate managing the company’s subscriptions, billing, etc. It is a simple-to-use e-commerce platform that gives the primary set of trading functionalities. Users can pick from 50 different themes.

Themes can all be editable using HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Shops built with 1ShoppingCart are responsive and compliant with mobile phones. This allows the customer to reach out for all types of potential shoppers no matter the kind of devices they use.

With more than 3 million online stores built with 1SHoppingCart, there is no doubt that this eCommerce platform is profoundly legit.

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1ShoppingCart Pricing

1ShoppingCart suggests three sets of subscriptions that suits any budgets. If you still not sure about your decision, you can register for a 14-day free trial period.

1 Shopping Cart Pricing

1ShoppingCart features

So what does 1ShoppingCart have to offer for their clients? Here are some of its solid features.

Make your store pop up

First impressions always last long. 1ShoppingCart allows you to build a professional looking webshop. This is one of the strongest features that may intrigue many clients in order to gain their trust in your online store. You can pick any of the professional themes provided by the platform, in addition to that, you can use other themes of your own.

Flexible product options

Give your clients the choice to choose among different sizes, colors or other collections of your products. Engage them to personalize their product selection and charge them for the additional cost. It’s a win-win situation. Your clients will be happier because they picked something they genuinely like, and you get to gain more profits from such option.

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Showcase your products on display

Make your product come to life with many pics, and display setting. Shoppers get to examine the desired product thoroughly, simply by clicking on different photos of the product from all the angles.

Sell everything

You can sell anything with 1ShoppingCart, from products, services, digital merchandise, to ebooks. Create a regular income stream by allowing product subscriptions. Through this customizable eCommerce solution, you can truly trade anything!

ShoppingCart banner2Mobile-friendly stores

Customizing your entire store in order to make it compliant with all mobile devices, can be done in a matter of minutes. And your store will be ready for the Mobile Shopping revolution.

Keep the shoppers coming back

One of the most important features that any client keep coming back over and over, is the simple and straightforward checkpoints. Not mentioning that your store is fast, responsive, and convenient. All of this and more is what people love when trying out a new web store.

Building an Online Store Is Now Made Easy with This 1ShoppingCart Video Tutorial


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Each business has its own distinct requirements and needs a solution that can be modified and adjusted to their own specific size, type of workers as well as the type and class of their clients. For all of those points, there’s no such solution that can be called perfect as is. When it comes to looking for the perfect e-commerce software, first make sure what are your needs and requirements.

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